The Kite, Michal Konwicki (3D)


Title: The Kite
Name: Michal Konwicki
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Summer time, late afternoon, maybe even evening, boy returning home with his kite, he knows that it is late, he is tired, but h wants to play for a while… mom is waiting, but there is a gentle warm wind… I wanted to create something between realistic image and stylised, painted look.
3ds Max, Vray, Photoshop, Onyx tree, some textures from, about one and half day to complete. Just for fun.

For highres version please click here:

Some details:


I love it! The mood and atmosphere and rendering are very nice. Ground plants look a bit uniform, but not unnatural at all. The tree also doesn’t appear to have “sky sensitive” turned on in your leaves - kind of a big deal since that’s the main advantage of using Onyx. May as well go all the way to realism on that tree, not that you should fix this scene, but keep it in mind for your next one!

Great work here, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for comment! You are probably right about leaves and a little bit too uniform plants, I will try to improve it in my next image. It’s great that you like the mood, this was my mail goal here.


Very nice. I like the colors and atmosphere. Good job.


Thank-you. I was not sure about colours, good that you like them


After looking at this one a third time (I love it!), I think the vignette on the main image rather sets a darker mood… I think without this it might be more vibrant, alive. Just a thought, it’s a great render regardless!

I’d also love to know how you do the color-shift… it’s most evident in the close-up of the wonderful purple flowers. Looks great!


Fine,but the plant does not look like the nature.


Thanks again InfernalDarkness :). Colour shift was done in Photoshop: Filter -> Distort -> Lens Correction -> Chromatic Aberration. In my opinion the image was too uniform without strong vignette, but maybe it is a little bit too strong.


Fine,but the grass does not look like the nature .


I think its not natural too… but very nice and cool environment


very fantastic…congr.:thumbsup:


The grass isn’t very successful, that’s true, I thought that it was good enough, but maybe I was wrong. Anyway, thanks for all comments.


I think the grass is way too straight… that’s why it’s kind of unnatural.

But still, very good image :applause: I like the color and the lighting- Well done!


Swietny pomysl i wykonanie. onyxtree daje naprawde spore mozliwosci ale jednak nie da sie uniknac tego ze drzewa w przyblizeniu wygladaja troche sztucznie… tak czy inaczej swietna praca…

Amazing concept and render… Love it !


A unique photos i like everything in this scene.


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