The Kaili Kaos Campaign, Andrew Blackman (2D)


Title: The Kaili Kaos Campaign
Name: Andrew Blackman
Country: Barbados
Software: Photoshop

this one kinda flew under the radar last time, so i’m reposting it with a little clean up. i hope thats okay. Comments and crits welcome.


Love the energy of this!


This is so cool, love the sense of flow and use of colours…:thumbsup:


Interesting. It reminds me of one of my pieces (they aren’t the same, but this flying element with the blowing hair just reminded me of a previous piece with those aspects). Her leg as it connects to the foot is a little off shading-wise (flattens and distorts the proportion). The hands are good enough to keep with the style, and are expressive.

I like her hair and the flying critters coming form them. I’d be aware of the placement of the hummingbird, though. It looks like it’s about to stab her in the forehead (perhaps right where that little star is). A little messy with the swirling color combinations on the right corner cloud formation (kind of awkward). Good composition, though, and a strong and imaginative piece. Keep it up. Nice work.


PC, flayer, thanks for the comments guys.
Veronica: thanks, your comment about the hummingbird had me laughing out loud. I can always count on a well thought out critique from you, cheers.


glad you liked it.


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