The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling , Nenad Pantic (2D)


Title: The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
Name: Nenad Pantic
Country: Croatia
Software: Blender, Photoshop, Wings3D

This is cover page I did for upcoming release of domestic translation of the Rudyard Kiplings “Jungle Book”.

For cover page i choosed scene when Mowgli casts away Shere Khan and wolves loyal to him with fire. But, of course i added all crucial animals from the book to that scene.

WIP thread is located here :

Modelling done in Wings3d, render and setup in Blender, painting in PS.


i like your palette.
the only fix I have to do is the position of the lion is a bit strange
Good work



Thanks! I like to do intense color palette for kids cover pages… i thought i went too far with this one :slight_smile:

Lion? lol there is no Lion on the scene except something is badly drawn :slight_smile: As for the tiger, he is a bit twisted and that looked natural in 3d but now may be a little confusing :slight_smile: He will be also covered with the book design so practically only head will remain :slight_smile:

And a little philosopher insider: I wanted to have dualism in the lighting, to have Mowgli half in light and half in dark, to suggest his dualistic nature and fight between his human nature and his animal nature …


now i see the tiger (lion) lol


Beautiful work, loving the bright vivid colours :slight_smile:


I love it!

although the bears pose seems a little weird,
nothing too bad though, better in over paint! :slight_smile:


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