The judge of hell, Lipan Liu (2D)


Title: The judge of hell
Name: Lipan Liu
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

Hi,guys ,this is my 2nd post here ,and the Spring Festival is coming in china,so happy new year!Lol!.
This time I have drawed a character called the judge in china, actually he is a partler of the Yama(a god of hell).What he does is to help the yama judge one’s death and life fairly.
One thing to be mentioned is that the judge has a very grisly countenance,so I describe him like…this…
Hope you guys like it.-_-
Thank you very much.


looks great. maybe the composition is a little close in though, I would like to see a little more of his arm perhaps, and a little more space around his head.


Very nice !!! :applause:


Nice job!:applause:


Wow, very nice artwork! Good job!


Great work with colors and texutres here, especially the hair. He almost looks like a monkey, kind of like the monkey king in the Hindu myth “Rama”, but more dead looking. Great expression on him (though it’s hard to tell with so little skin, hehe). I like the feather things on his helmet, it reminds me of a spatula-tail hummingbird (very rare). His hand, since it’s so close, could’ve been a bit more defined or had some darker colors to make it pop slightly. It is kind of in-your-face right now. Love the armor details and the little mace or item he’s holding (very decorative, if creepy). Very well done overall. Keep it up. Great job.


nice face,well down :slight_smile:


I think your piece is pretty cool, and it has a nice lighting and great style!


Cool! i like it~


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