The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: y.soner yurtseven


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these are the journey members and their carriage.


these are the journey members and their carriage.


here is the character ‘Greg’.He is the most powerful giant on the land of Dabunlesia.


greg with his harness and armour.





Great skech and modeling. Good Luck!


Great job but hurry up !


this is the first state of carriage’s texture


The characters ‘Nosey’ and ‘Greg’ are together since they were little.In every situation they help each other.In this frame Nosey thought that they finally found the magical bird and he is ready to get a fluff with his pump.




l tested the texture of ‘Greg’ and the carriage.Also tested the firefly’s light by glow effect.


test without the firefly’s light effect


this one was just a test to see how could it the characters only here without the place.


nearly all the characters are here and the post effects will come step by step.


this is the beginnig not the finished one.