The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Victor Marin


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Latest Update: Final Image: Fear, fear away (a little freak adventure)


I wish you all the luck my friends, this will a great challenge :thumbsup: :bounce:


Hi Victor - good luck! I hope to see some nice ZBwork here :thumbsup:


Hi man.

Greetings from Croatia,land of crows___made the last part up.:thumbsup:


Good luck!


welome to the challenge
wish you success !


best of luck Victor!

I just registered at your forum by the way :thumbsup: por allí nos vemos…


¡Mucha suerte!

Translation: Jimmy Carter and the Press Information Technollogy…


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Wuhuuuu, what a lot of friends here, thanks for your first words, i hope to make an original and good image (i´ll put all my efforts)


Well i think this is my concept for this challenge, i´m planning to make a cartoonish image for this project, some little monsters starting the long long journey from the tetric castle to the coooool super adventure park EuroDazzney (trademark for sure) heheh.

Hope you like the idea.



ya! glad to see ya here! man, concept look cool and answer the theme very well , some thought is maybe you can find more dynamic camera angle , hehe still have a lot of time for experiment ! goodluck man!


Hey Victor,

It is good to see you in the challenge again and your idea looks interesting so far. Look forward to your wip’s on this.


Hi ilusiondigital, nice concept u got there.
I m watching man…have fun


curious to see what this will be?


I start the modeling of the freaks car, still in a very wip stage, but i think its cool for the scene


Cool concept, I agree with monsit you need another angle, (a wormeye view perhaps?)



Hey, Monsit thanks for your words, mate. Yep i think i have enought time to make test, but if you give ideas are welcomed heheh.

Mmoir, ya man, thanks i´ll put my eyes at your thread thumbs up

Micro26: Thanks MrM, yep i think is the most important thing having 3dfun, the same for you my friend
mttjss: Thanks mate, hope you like my final image

sergioKomic: Yep, i need to make tons of test to find a good angle view, but i have the scene in my mind, hope to can make it real, hehe. Thanks friend


¡Ostia tío! ¡Buen avance!

Translation: Something about the economic forum in Mars…


Hi Victor! Is glad to see you! :slight_smile: Good start!
Good luck to you!:thumbsup:


A little update of the car, i put the wheels a little bit organical, jope you like it, and wait crits and suggestions