The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Torsten Thuenen


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Latest Update: Final Image: The Journey Begins - Final


YEa! welcome torsten , have fun!



OK, I am in.
Here’s a first rough idea that came to my mind. Characters we be replaced by non-human ones.
Have fun,



yeah, ditto :thumbsup:


I just start modelling a little.
I have a rough picture in my head on how the characters should look like, but I haven’t made concept yet. I just know how the boots should look like ;-).
So here is a first WIP.



dat’s the spirit, first the boots then the concept :thumbsup:



Modelling already, eh? Nice work!

The wrinkles look a bit strange on the boots, more like lumps, but of course judging by your concept the boots will be very small on the screen, so no big deal.


You´re speedy, you already started modeling!
But I have to agree with burpy: don´t add too many details on the boots and don´t make them so high-poly, because you´ll hardly see them in the final render.
Be careful with the polycount! :wip:


Thanks, for the comments.

You’re right with the wrinkles I will refine them. I am not sure about the camera angle jet. I think I will change it so that the mail character is very close to camera. So I will need him to be very detailed.

Btw. I am not using polygons. I am using Hash Animation:Master and all the models are spline based.



wow. awsome shoe… very nice modeling :buttrock:


To have some fun, I modelled a belt which is for the main character.



Again, nice clean modelling with the belt! I want to see the character though!


Nice modeling!
No critics!


Finally a first glimpse on the main character. OK, OK it’s only his head, but it’s a start.



Nice modeling!
But you still have to work a lot on that head!


I roughly put together the single parts that I have so far. All of them are still “under construction” especially the head, but this should give a better impression of how the character will look like.



Nice start, keep messaging those polies :slight_smile:


Nice model, only crit is that the half of the vest without a pocket is way too straight, curve it up some like the other half.


A parrot-headed pirate? Its all good, hahah, bring it on!


One more update.
Now with trousers. But still a lot CPs to shift around.