The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Timur Kiryashov


Congrats on finishing! This came out awesome!


centurionit Thx my friend I all ready send tiff file with this program thx alot, its very easy to send the file :slight_smile: if you whwve problems with ftp maybe I can help you

Oweron thx for reply ! i’ll try do the turntable :slight_smile:

Womball thx alot :slight_smile: it was very hard i had a lot of problems and errors, but I did it :slight_smile:


hey Greatto, congrats for your work, especially like the colors and moods :thumbsup:



Thx BAM! In originaly I want to do all in LightBlue color but, then i chamged my mind, I thnik its better, what about you?


Hi Tim…Done…Womball was so usefull…he helped me…without him I would be lost…now I sent the final image, but how can I know that it is done??
Can I see my final image???


Hello! I’am glad that its ok! Just press submitentry > enter > i’ll see the sometext, like “[b]You have submitted all WIP images” :slight_smile:



I really like the bg colors, the lighting of the sky ^^
congrats on finishing ^^


Hey Timur! Congratulations upon completing such a cool interesting image! Very strong sense of motion, depth, and dynamics within the scene – very well done! See you next Challenge! Cheers!


Zhaan: Thank you a lot! I’am glad to see you on my thread. Background i love it to, I spent 2 night to draw it.Do you work in 3d? Good Luck!

oceanbluesky: As allways you have original reply :slight_smile: Thank you! All comments was very helpfull, Some times they help me and find a lot of mistakes. i’d like see you in next Challenge! Good Luck!


Hey mate!
I see you have very very very good final!
Good luck to you!
Prorvemsja konechno!


Spaso za podderjku:)
slish a tvoy avatar iz kone4noy sceni kogda on v lodke ili kogda nobody neset k 4uvaku kotoriy lodki delaet?
Good Luck!

 Not at all, I like 3D but I will never work in 3D. :shrug: I prefer to work with my vectors. :D That's at least less complicated. I know what I'm talking about, I "know"  3DsMax software and Lightwave, ( I mean I "know" because I was a spectator, seeing them very often on the monitor so I know them visually lol ) cause my bro works in 3D, it's his job. He even works on the [Minas Tirith project]( here on Cgtalk. He does the mattepainting and environment. ^^


Thank Zhaan! You need to start work on 3d and it will be easy too you , belive me!


Thank you all for supporting me in this challenge, thank you all for inspiring and just for reply!

Nomad…Maciej Frolow

Womball…Nathan S


Womgoose…Lee Niven

squintz…Hans Werner Jatzke

centurionit…Mauro Bonelli


warpy… :slight_smile:

kreuz…Kreuz Chang

oceanbluesky…Eric Machmer

BAMU Diaconu…Bogdan Florin

coochaki…Mohammad Coochaki

melkao…Carlos Eduardo

wsanyi…Sándor Virág

ashiataka…Y.Soner Yurtseven

Oweron…Juraj Molcak

Zhaan…Dhella Rouat

PELENG…Sergey Kolesov

I’d like see you all in next challenge!

if anyone wants to keep contact with me, here is my mail

Good Luck my Friends!



Hello Greatto!!!
I certainly understand that was late with comments, but all the same GREAT FINAL!!!
(and you know that this message is necessary for an avatar…)
Yo yo yo CHECK THIS OUT!!!


I have some problems with posts but I hope this message will reach.
good luck!


Ага - это опять я - всетаки странно что мои посты не появляются на твоем Journey!!!


Excuse for the last message - I thought it to not appear as well as pregoing…
I certainly was late, but all the same the PRETTY GOOD FINAL!!!
Thank God my avatar has appeared…

Yo yo yo check this out!!!


hahaha da da zagil moy Journey
haha pram kak mou gostevuhu :slight_smile:


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