The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Timur Kiryashov


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Latest Update: Final Image: Girl and the Gardener


The history develops city with flying islands from gardens. The basic plot of this episode consists in a problem of the girl and the gardener. The flying islands are under spell and who stepped into the ground of these islands should killthe gardener, differently tjis person whos stepped on the island waits terrible death. (The primary mission of island with a charming garden to give to the world a life.) Gardeners are considered as the best fighters because showers of the best soldiers face to a choice to receive the second life as the gardener and to receive immortality or to get in hell. In my history the girl kills the gardener. The gardener who has fallen under a sword of this charming girl, after her birth he watched for her from the island.and now after twenty four years his dream come true he meethis love! The love which has destroy him.


this is the sketch of gardener


Oh flying islands :argh: like in my thread :banghead: it`s copyrighted :wip:

Just kidding :wink:

Great start, I`m looking forward to see the modeling :cool:
Good luck and have fun :bounce:


only exile waits for Gerdener


this is the base for model of the “Girl”


this is the Concept Idea in 3d version:)


what do you think about flowers?


connected body…


5 renderings for head modeling (from box to head)


Very promising looks start! The modeling looks quite good, very interesting approach. The sketch is very well done too.


Hi timur, i understand that you are from past USSR country by you sketch, this paper is only in our countries, i’m drawing on it in universilty lessons :slight_smile:

Ok, body have some anatomic displaces, so make it full that we can loook at it full state and i’m looking on environment, make so dramatic as on a sketh.
Nice job, keep on working.


This is allmost comlate model! thanks for reply!

p.s. now you can find misstakes in this model:)“тетрадь в клетку-rulez”


Island. base I modificate in 3ds max and sketch in photoshop.


any reply are welcome


Nice work, keep this way :thumbsup:
The sketch with the floating island looks promising.

Good work :bounce:


Nomad thanks for replay:) always glad to hear you:)


First of all - you should think are you really need a perfect body, in a final compose a lot of parts may not be seeng, and there will be armor or something on body, so there is just topologic critic, but i’m not shure that you need it or not. Everything depends on a composition. So…

In the flat stomach is visible with a side, it should be little bit convex to the bottom part and then to leave in bottom area. Breast should not converges to each other they should be symmetric or a little bit in the parties, it depends on a configuration of a breast.

In a good breast of a dummy should be parallel and be hardly below the middle. The deflection in the field of a back up to big trapeze muscles (back) should be more.

A hip must be more, knees it is a little to stick out, palms should be pulled inside, not be a plane.

In a lateral projection elleptic imagined line should converge from the beginning of bottom body part areas to back ‘soft part’. A hip from an internal part should converges to lower body part and to be more same the woman.

Environment is strange -


Friend thanks for this honest reply! this is what I need to progress in my work thank you did you have your Journey?
and what about “Environment is strange -” what do you mean, can you explain in more details?
waiting for reply!



Ok, i just can’t see clear environment, what it will be. May be later after some more pictures i’ll understand but now can’t see clear. And where is the final target of the journey ?
We need to understand what a long road is laying for the main character, what he or she is going to do, where travel and what has done.

It should be the story, a real or fantasy, but story. The main idea of art it is not just modelling or VFX, when i see a perfect modelling, i like it, but the real art is when this model is composed, it have a story, so it’s no matter how you are modelling or something, but the story, the composition, the feeleng - that is the art. See some Salvador Dali pictures and Van Gog pictures - it’s hard yes ??? :slight_smile: