The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Rishikesh Nandlaskar


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Latest Update: Modeling: WEED SLAYER


Welcome Back, Cubisis! It will be an honour to watch u work again!:smiley:


Nice to see U ther Rishi ! I will follow your thread with great interrest ! :thumbsup:


Hey Rishikesh !

Great to see you in this new one !!
No doubts you’ll create a wonderfull piece once again !

Best of luck and have fun !




have fun my old mate :thumbsup: best of luck to u


hey! glad to see you again cubisis ! your spectacular entry is my favourite ! good luck and have fun man!


Good luck to ya!
Enjoy the ride!


welome to the challenge too
wish you success !:thumbsup:


This is a concept which I have come up with while scribbling on my sketch book.I have roughly arranged my idea in words.

(rough description of my idea which would gradually become concrete.)

A squad of brave soldiers have taken up the task to fight against the alien weeds who are spreading their cyclopean arms thru the earth destroying whatever comes in their way. These weeds have arrived from the earths core.They cannot think,they don’t have motives or mission .But they are spreading and causing huge destructions.They have fire inside their body.So new arms and ammunition were created to destroy them.The man who was leading this journey of certain death and who destroyed hundreds of monstrous weeds minimising their count on earth sensed that this is just the begining of the journey.There is something even worse to fight ahead.He was later called as the WEED-SLAYER.


Wow :eek:…now this is a concept.



Hi Rishikesh! Wow, that is a really strong concept you got going - looking forward to follow you once again :thumbsup:


powerfull… :applause:


Nice start Cubisis! good luck it promises a great thread!


very nice concept:)

Good luck!


I like that keep going


Nice start Rishi. looks like a strong theme… Good Luck. :thumbsup:


thanks kidmesh,gunnilla,makaron,climax,vedic kings,the best,triumphant .

best of luck to u all too:bounce:


I should be great ! Nice sketch Rishi ! :thumbsup:


Nice Sketch. Always a fun of gruesome fantasy/sci fi, I really dig the story. A suggestion though: It would be nice to turn it into an action centered image, instead of a posing one. How about introducing motion: the characters racing by with high speed in their vehicle, passing through the infested land, shooting at the weeds which are trying to get them. In the distance it seems that the land is more infested, so the journey just begins. This would steer the theme towards the journey and the mission of the challenge.
However that is just a suggestion. I already like the concept sketch as is.


Hi there,

this is a very nice sketch you have there. I like the fact that you are not going mainstream on this one, but you create something that you feel has a strong message. THe obvious thing to make was a lanscape with some people embarging on a journey, “Just like mine” but this is something else and it makes me rethink my own concept skecthes.

Iam looking forward to see what you can get out of this one… :slight_smile: