The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Raul Tabajara Vidigal Leitão Neto


hey your modelling is so inspiring tanx:)))


Muito bom mesmo o trampo,
concerteza vai rolar um premio ai pra mais um brazuca

abraço e continua aew q as texturas vão ter q matar a pau igual a modelagem

Rodrigo Lima


I like all your room models…are pretty cool and funny!:cool:


Cheers Raul…

By the way… Don´t forget the lights. uhhh!!!

Nice models, very detailed and much care with scene. Keep walking (ops, not the whiskie)

Cya man.


Ok, I have no much time to finish the scene. So, i leave the forniture and the toys and go to create the main charcaters.

I start with the boy. I think that I will use the body of the RPG toys, so I spend more time in the head of this character.

Was my best modeling. I´m very happy with it. :slight_smile:


Absolutely amazing modeling skills! Congrats and good luck!


nice man… num para naum… ta ficando foda…abraço!


Hi Taba!

I really liked your models.
They look real fun. Your models are just the same as you sketched.

Nice concept!

And show us more updates! I`d like to see the rest of the main character!

Good Luck with the journey!

c ya!


nice modeling!..the kid is amazing:twisted:


Awesome modeling…subscribing :thumbsup:


Hey, nice modelling dude.


Amazing concept and modeling skills!

When you will make the textures?

Keep the good work, you have good chances on the challenge.



Hey Taba? Wil you update your work this weekend???




Kra… muito legal teu trabalho…

gostei d++ do teu estilo… mandaver ae…



I´ll give up :scream:

:sad: I dont have more time.

I will try ending my image, but not in time to send to this contest!
By guys! Best luck for all


Muito bom o seu trabalho Raul!

Vc tem estilo próprio nos seus modelos, bem original.
Parabéns, estou curioso para ver o trabalho final!


i like these kinds of character modelings:)… its a nice cartooni character ! :thumbsup:


Too bad ! Well congrats for all the job done and hope you’ll finish it even out of the challenge.


sorry to hear that, man. it was going well.

well, i’m still looking forward to seeing the finished product, even if it’s a little late…



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