The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Raul Tabajara Vidigal Leitão Neto


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Latest Update: Modeling: main character


Hello to all!

This is my first Concept, and waits that he is the only one.

My ideia is in the journey of the child cleaning its room.

I still did not work about the composition of the colors and the composition of the picture, is only my first ideia.

Good luck to all!

I wait to very learn in this contest as I learned in the previous one!


Hahahaha hahaha!

I have made that journey many times… (ah the good ol days…)

Good luck:thumbsup:


ha ha great idea!

reminds me off my own “journeys” when i was a kid…


Thanks! If yous had identified with the image means that I am walking in the certain way! Very thanks for the commentaries!


Hehe, i like this concept :scream:, waiting to see more of this one, keep it up :thumbsup:


Hi Raul,

Legal ver mais brasileiros participando :beer:

Good to see you!!

Good Luck :thumbsup:


hello !!
I really like your concept !
Its full of small objects as I like :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck to you !


great idea !

  • fala Raul, viajou legal hein ? hehehe, ta bem legal a idéia


thanks a lot to all
I will drawn again, and will post a new composition about the same idea. I will think about the objects in the scene and begin to modelling the scenary!


jajajajaj very nice concept…thats a real journey…poor kid:thumbsup:


Simple, direct and obvious (and I believe that no one think about this). This is what make your idea interesting and original. You can explore the expression of children, looking for all sides without know from where start this long journey. Congratulations!


fresh Idea! and wait for your composition work ! now , good luck! I still don’t have my idea:cry:


I liked the style of the structures ! Hope to see more :slight_smile:


Hey Raul, nice to see you there dude!

I will keep an eye here. I just loved the concept, with a simple image you could show us the motives and the journey that waits for him.

Keep rocking!


Hi Tabs. That’s an original idea. I’m still thinking about what to post. Good luck man. Manda bala.


Very nice sketch and an original idea! The epic element is missing though, and because the scene is mostly contained within the room, the journey idea becomes a bit static.


Interesting Concept. good luck for u too. :smiley:


Uow!!! That’s a radical change of idea. I liked of other, i love epic images, but is an opportunity for made a different thing.

A question: do you will go to use a wide frame composition?

Now… Safe more days for light and render, tips or tricks call for me… :thumbsup:


Hi Tabajara …

I like your idea … so original …

Quanto tempo hein … me lembro que a primeira vez que falei contigo , você me quebrou um grande galho , ou tronco … mas o que importa é que você é mais um dos Brasileiros presentes por aqui … boa sorte Maninho !!!

Abraços !!!