The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


my favorite entry by far, this image really tells a story by itself.
wish you the best


Hi Olivier,

Congratulations for the Glaktika magazine’s cover!

It’s a famous hungarian magazine and it was a cool surprise to me when i saw your image there, it’s really a kool magazine and i used to read it quite often :slight_smile:

So :thumbsup: just go ahead mate!


Damn its beautiful…love the impressions on their faces.


You have a style which shows you on every scene you do.This is one of them also and it’s great.Best wishes.


WOAH… how the hell did i miss this one… :bounce:
The concept is the best…yet the Expression!!! on thier faces is catchy it matches to the theme…
i have seen the lighting and damn it’s must have taken that much skill in rendering… awesome…
i like the fish
Goodluck on the challenge…


Congratullations olivier!:thumbsup:


Congratulations Olivier and Best wishes.


I was delighted to see you among the prize-winners, Olivier. Your entry was definitely one of my favourites, for its beautiful style, sensitivity and of course technical excellence. Congratulations


Congrats!! [size=2]

I actually predicted an even higher rank for your entry. But 6th isn’t that bad among all these champions…[/size]


Congrats, Olivier…very beautiful image, and should have been ranked higher. see you for the next one!


Yeah, I admit I thought you would have ranked higher too. As a piece of art I thought your work was stunning.


Yeah, I definitely think there’s a “brothers in arms” agreement that yours was one of the best. I’m glad to see it getting recognized elsewhere too. It’s got a place of honor in my own private gallery of images that inspire me.


Congrats Olivier, i love your entry. Beautiful image as always!! Keep this way, and i’m waiting to see more of your stuff!!! :beer:


Well done! Congratulations:thumbsup:


I like the fact U are one of the winners, but what I think is that the work U have done deserved to be in the first 3 places. Congratulations, very nice work!..


congrats man . great work.


Congratulations Olivier! (Sort of…thought yours would have ranked much higher…kind of disappointing…) Looking forward very much to seeing what you come up with in the next challenge. Terrifically inspiring artwork. Cheers!


well I’d have to say your style is a style I love. And well your work rocks man.
absolutely great.

btw how long is this challenge up? since I want to make my entry too.
or is time running out?
if there is a deadline can someone tell me that?


wow! great job, this image remeber fable the game, amazing! :smiley:



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