The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Olivier Ponsonnet


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here is my idea for now (it’s quite simple) : a couple of children ( an lil girl and his brother ) leaving their home. The lil girl’s riding a creature (a flying turtle or a sort of honey bee, still don’t know). The journey begins for them. Ok that’s not wouchiwow but I’ll try to get something nice.

Good luck guys!


Bienvenue Olivier !
J’imagine que tu vas nous sortir une belle image à nouveau !
Plaisir en perspective !


they have no idea the danger that lies ahead…

thinking of keeping an ink and watercolour style… play with shaders on the render… that could be nice. or just concept method? :expressionless:

the lighting will be really powerful on that boys lightstick… barely illuminating what they are leaving behind…

good luck


double post sorry


The sketch remind me some rpg game, it’s quite simple but it would be good with great ambiance…

Bonne chance! (enfin je suis pas sur que tu en ais besoin :slight_smile: )


Thanks :slight_smile:
Concerning the color scheme, well, we’ll see where it leads :slight_smile:


well I think the colors are wonderful! They are what lead me to click on the thumbnail for your entry in the first place…hope you can retain their light-hearted cheer. --And as someone else said the boy with the lightstick could provide additionally interesting illumination. Good luck!


Good luck, Oliver! Nice concept! :slight_smile:


Hi Olivier !

Really glad to see you’re in !
Lovely sketch and concept so far !
No doubts you’re gonna create an awesome piece once again !

Looking forward to it !

cheers ,



It’s a pleasure to see you here Olivier, i love the work you made on past challenge, especially spectacular, hope you’ll have fun, good luck :thumbsup:



Were of for another amazing work here,cant wait to see what are you cooking.



I’d wish you luck, but you don’t need it, you’ve got skills :scream: .


I started to model his head two days ago. Here is what I get!


Kinda bushy eyebrows for a kid, don’t you think?

Just messing, really great job so far :slight_smile: I know you’ll pull out something amazing!


I’m gonna use alpha maps on hair, eyebrows and eyelashes thats why they are bigger than they should be :slight_smile:


Good luck Oli:thumbsup:

What are you planning for the background? It looks like they are leaving their home that is deep in the forrest. Anywhere near what you had in mind?

I know your a great artist so whatever you do it will look great, but, I just cant imagine feeling anything from this piece, above and beyond the calling I mean. What type of emotion are you trying to get the viewer to feel and to what degree?

All the best :slight_smile:


I thought so. Really, I did :smiley: Can’t wait, I really want to see your method


The style begin to amaze me, that’s very good man, love the face so far :buttrock:


great great and re great ! glad and not surprise to see you here Reiv :smiley:
wait to see more on this concept, but the model head is yet pretty good !