The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Nicolau Tudor


actually there will be only a small skeleton of the phoenix that will control a pf source that will generate the flames that ill construct so that shell burn baby burn! well actually ill have a hard time with the map or sumthin. i’ll certainly have problems with SUMTHING ! cheers and good luck to you to


i’ve made i decision i hope will last some time more that 20 hours like the last time.this is a “final” layout sketch :smiley: well i wanna stick with this one :smiley:


finally got the hand and armot general form done.i still have to think all the textures 100% and all the photoshop patters and such but another step forward .maybe in another month or two i’ll go to modelling


sketchiz sketchiz sketchiz… as Dory freudically says: "Just keep swiming , just keep swiming … "


is there SOMEBODY that plz can tell me how to track certain threads , i found the option once but i completely forgot and i dont use these forums very often… plz?


Hi! You can find it on the top of the thread under thread tools/subscribe. Another thing which is good is to put a link to your own thread in your signature - that way people will find you easier.

You got some really nice sketches here - I like the flow in the lines and the last layout sketch looks really good. It’s going to be fun to see them in 3d - good luck!


at last. i love drawing but this is enough i wanna make some polyz shake their bellyz like a belly dancer… ? … well…


just for the fun of it :slight_smile:


Nice sketches. I’m waiting for the 3d models.




mersi mult , but i have some bih issues with “my 3d models” beacuse the main character is made from particles :twisted: and i could start with the architecture i just finished but it’s size depends on how big and detailed i make the character , so i can see aproximately how detailed am i “allowed” to make my architecture so i wont end up making tons & tons of details like i usally do and the see that i takes up like 34 hours of rendering and there’s nothing visible… so i have some problems :slight_smile: but i’ll get over them :slight_smile:


Nice start :thumbsup:

I`m looking forward to see your progress :cool: good luck and have fun :bounce:


Hi, I left an answer in my thread about the linking but I think I misunderstood your question - you can add the link in your control panel, under edit signature.

Last sketches are very cool - maybe it’s time for some polys now? :slight_smile:


Although I do want to see poly models, the sketching and layout phase is probably the most important part of creating artwork. I should have spent more time there too, I really think it will show in your work. Particle based character? How’s that going to work out? I have never seen a character made entirely of particles, but it sounds really interesting!


Hey Nicolau,

I agree with womball, I think the sketch and layout of your scene is very important , at least for me. Once your sketch is fairly solid you know what you have to concentrate on when modeling . With that said sometimes when modeling ideas just sort of happen .

I like your sketches as I like architecture modeling in general so I am sure I will like what you come up with . Good luck.


Hi, Nicolau!

I find your sketches very interesting and surely your artwork will look awesome when it is finished.

Keep on the good work and good luck to you!



Very nice conceptual drawings and element designs. Has a flowing quality to it, which I jope you can translate into the final composition. Good journey!

This merciless journey:


Interesting idea!
sper sa iasa cum vrei:) bafta!


hello…well great desings u have here…sketching abilittties are very cool man!

cant wait to see this on 3d …going to rock for sure…:applause:


I like your concept a lot, and its gonna look cool in 3D. Your skechts reminds me a bit about Night elves. Im looking forward to a update.

Keep it up


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