The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Mike Moir


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Hey all,

Nice to be back at another challenge and I think I have an idea too.

In the foreground a sick or wounded figure is being carried by his companions to a far off temple which has a supernatural look to it. The temple will be on a towering pillar/mountain with rugged terrain in between itself and the characters in the image. Or maybe a quest for knowledge to some type of Oracle .

Just a few ideas…

Anyways good luck to all .


Welcome back dude, best of luck to u!


Good to see you back, Mike. :slight_smile:


Mike! Glad you’re in again. It’s always cool seeing what you come up with. Plus it makes me push myself harder to try and improve. :wip: Good luck to ya.


Hi there my friend!
Great to see you here from the very beginning:bounce:
Hope you will get to the end of this journey with some great piece of art.
good luck


Hi Mike, looking forward to see that idea evolve - good luck!


Hey Mike !

Great to see you’re in !

Have a lots of fun and best of luck !

cheers ,



good luck and have fun , Mike!



hiya Mike!.. nice to see you in too man! will be waiting for those sketches to come!
goodluck man!


Hey there Mike,

Great to see you around again, I wish you best of luck! :bounce:

Matt :slight_smile:


Okay, here is a simple sketch of the environment for my scene. The characters poses are going to change but I want the sick or wounded character being helped to get to the Temple by his friend/friends.

There should also be something supernatural going on between the characters staff and the dove which is their guide to the temple.

Still working things out but this is a start.


Nice skecks and concept:)

Good luck to you!


Hey Mike !!

Great concept , and your sketch really rocks !! :thumbsup:

keep it up man !

cheers ,



Hey Mike, really great to see that you’re doing more terrains, the ones you have done for the last challenges looked great. :applause: Cool looking concept I will be looking forward to seeing it progress.

Matt :slight_smile:


Hey Mike, glad to see you again, clean and beautiful concept, i´ll waiting your next update, man


Looks like you’ll have a fun time playing with light and shadow in this one, tons of depth. I didn’t notice the wounded character very quickly, and it’s unusual to see someone who’s the staff weilder also being involved in carrying the stretcher. The background is really well done, the solid foreground stone walk is a nice contrast to the tight spiral at the temple. Really nice :slight_smile:


Hey Guys ,

Thanks for the comments so far:) .

Kary, I am going to change the staff into a chain with an orb that is pulling or directing the guy on his journey . The orb is going to be attracted to the dove , this way the guy can carry the stretcher with both hands.


Hey mr. Moir, very nice to see you there!

by the last Challenge I know that I could wait some kickass work! Your concept shows such a wonderful balance, I´ll be waiting for ups.

all the best!


hi mike,sound we are trying on the new journey in this challenge.i like the concept.the bacground look ur temple on the mountain.:thumbsup: IMO i really want to see the wounded character more close to see his facial expression.good luck to you mate.i will support you in your 2d thread too.:buttrock: