The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Michael Wilson


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Well, I’m in on this challenge. Sounds like a lot of fun this one.

I have to finish another project I’m working on first, then I’ll start on this one. Shouldn’t take too long.

:wip: :buttrock: :shrug:


good luck Michael- look forward to following it!


Welcome back! Bring it on…


Looking forward to seeing your entry Mike! :thumbsup:


Where are the rules for this challenge? (I’ve never entered one before!)


Minty, Start here. Introduction


I’ll be watching.


good luck, looking forward to following your progress

Steve 8)


Ok, finally got my concept I think. Very quick and rough sketch.

Little junior here is beginning his long journey to reach the top of the imposing refrigerator to reach the mystic Cookie Jar.


Hahah, good theme. Its got all the elements; danger, reward, suspense. Mystical cookies, yuuuum…


Some concept ideas for the little boy. I don’t know if I want to go with a baby in diapers or a small child.


Good luck for the challenge Michael !


I like this point of view, from bottom to top. You show the challenge like a big step (and it is for the baby). Go ahead!



Still working on the character. I think I’m going with the baby idea.


Cool, good luck!


Yup yup,

Haha, I really love the idea :bounce:
The drawing in missing some perspective but we can definitly see how it will end up.

And definitly see the baby instead of the lil boy. It adds more suspense / emotion


great idea Michael, and the baby sketch is perfect. look forward to more!


Ok, I’ve started the modeling. It’s supposed to be more cartoonish than realistic.


An update to the babies head.