The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Mathias Varaste


Trying to make some shaders! The bottle is empty right now, I will fill it after the final pose!


A couple of heads, different ages, one still in T-pose and one rigged, and different facial expression! Actually I made about 7 heads for this purpose and only these two made it to the final. Now I can’t decide which one!
Comments appreciated!


Was it really that bad? I have no idea! Not a single critique or anything! :slight_smile:
I guess I need to quit 3D and go back to my old job, selling lemonade at
the street corner!
:hmm: :slight_smile:


Bad!? Absolutely not! :slight_smile:

It’s a difficult choice, both are really nice textured I think. I like the expression in the first one, but maybe more the skintone of the right… maybe a mix?
Did you get any wiser from that? :smiley:

I love the little cottage, very sweet - and the backpack is really cute too. Keep going, this will be fine :thumbsup:


Thanks sis! I’m glad you liked! As a newbee, I could need all the tech help I could get!
Appreciate the comment about heads, it’s settled then!
Cheers och god Påske!


I totally agree. I really like the model/expression from the first one but the skin on the second is warmer and more friendly.

Great texturing btw :wink:


Thanks Womgoose, I’m gonna use the first one then, and change the texture to the warmer shades!


Texturing looks really good! I think the skin shader is excellent.:slight_smile:

For the backpack, the texture is a tad blurry, and might look weird in the final shot if its close to the camera.

Keep going!


Thanks Michael!
You are right about the backpack being blurry, as a matter of fact none of the texturing
or color palette will be finalized until I have laid down the surrounding environment, which
i’m working on right now. I just hope there is enough time left, I’m not even half way
Keep up bro!


A simple render without DOF and with very limited lighting to get a feeling of the terrain and surroundings, Will post wires soon!
Critiques and suggestions welcome!


I’ve just had a chance to go through your thread and I’m very impressed by your beautiful modeling. As for the comments on the terrain - I really like those rocky hills leaning in towards eachother. They are very beautiful but also give a bit of a spooky feel about it which I like a lot, like they’re trying to close in on the pathway. It definitely makes it more interesting


wow man youre doing a great job here!!.love all your models !..the teddy bear is amazing …ill be following your steps now on! keep going man…:thumbsup::scream::thumbsup:


Hi Mark, and thank you for the comment! I meant to have somewhat contrasty
background as oppose to the foreground, but not too much to make it scary, cause it is supposed to be attractive to youngsters as target demographic, so it can’t be too spooky!
I’m glad you liked it!

Thanks alot, It’s an hounor, and I’m very pleased that you like it, I really admire your style!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


A little green update!


Really nice work on that textures.:thumbsup:

Good luck with the challenge.



Hi Long time i didn’t check this, just a simple word for your textured face of the girl ((( IMPRESSIVE )).:eek:


Hey Mathias, really like your work…especially the house with hearts and you female character…might want to varry the spacing of the fringe on her boots though to make it look more organic? Looking forward to see more! Good luck!


Thanks a lot for the warm comments and crits!

Torsten; I’m glad you liked it!
Mohammed; So very kind of you, That was just a test, no SSS or proper lighting, I
still have a difficult time choosing the right face, I made 7 heads so far and will do
one or two more, until I get it right!
Eric; thanks, You are right about the fringe, though it won’t even show in the final
comp which is 1200X600, but if I get more time I would love to do a beauty render
with more details and proper fringe of sool!

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Here in Mina! I was looking for a way to give her kind of a sad and nostalgic expression, cause she’s leaving her grandma’ and at the same time being slightly entertained by her dog’s gesture, who is trying to cheer her up!


This thread is going waaay too “soft”! On the next challenge, I will do an Orc or Ogre, badly wounded, on the ground, bleeding, … and still… playing violin! :slight_smile: