The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Mathias Varaste


Yo my friend you Italian stallion, Finally I meet you again! So good to see you again!
Thanks a lot for your support pal! Hope you are ok and everything is going your way!
I really really hope you are in for the next challenge! I know you work hard and have
very little time, but hey, life is short and if your work doesn’t let you do what you
like, then you need to change your job! Just kidding!
Stay healthy brother and have fun!


Here is the main character! I wanted it to be as close to a “Petit Griffon” as possible, though there are not so many shaved blueprints of this breed. Now on to weight map painting!


Hey Mathias, I think nearly everyone’s thread is going a bit soft…kind of funny…well, life needs that too. Like the expression on the face of your main character and look forward to seeing Chin Chin shaded – very cute (and soft!). Good luck!


Thanks Eric for your support and I’m glad you liked it!
Good luck with your thread too!


hey man…great updates…the girl looks very nice, her eyes are very expressive they look deep and sad, but shes doing a soft smile, very good espression on her…:thumbsup:


Hey Snake and thanks for the comment! I’m glad you liked it, it took me about eight heads
to get so far, still, she is missing something, I don’t know what! Thanks for looking!
Good luck, lord of the posts!


At you very interesting work :thumbsup:


Thanks Anatoli, very nice of you to visit this thread! I saw your character earlier today,
Very cool and full of life! That’s how I like it!
Good luck!


Very nice updates! I really like the way you made the trees, especially the betula - great work!
The little girl looks really sweet, as just stepped out from a fairytale … and please, don’t add any Orcs :smiley:


Hei Gunilla and thanks for the comment, it really makes a difference! About Mina, well,
you are the one who chose it from an earlier post, so you may as well have the creditt,
and ok, no Orcs!!!


He is almost Pixar_ready, just multiply haircount by a few grazillion and he’s good to go!
He was supposed to grab Mina’s boot in his jaw, at least that was the initial plan, but then I realized I loose most of his facial features by doing that, so I gave him the walk_stick!
Hair count is around 50K on the big top render, and those lower renders are just lowest possible settings with limited lights and everything!
Thanks for watching!


Here are the placement of most important parts. The ground’s aspect ratio is 1 by 25, (width-lenght).

Sorry, forgot to add mountains, right underneath the clouds!


Hey Varma, looking good. Love the dog :slight_smile: hes got lots of personallity.

good luck. (sry but I didn’t see your post in mine so hope I’ll can make it up to you some day :P)


Hallais Dan;
No worries bro! I’m glad you liked the dog! I’ve never had one, so it took me a few tours
to the public library and of course Google!


Lovely dog! The furwork is fantastic - he will go very well in your scene :thumbsup:


Thanks Gunilla for your constant support and I’m glad you liked the dog! I “mite” try to render some other poses with him if there’s enough time!


Thanks for showing us how you’re assembing the scene. I always find it fascinating seeing how other people work. The dog is looking just amazing!


Thanks Mark;
Glad you liked it! I really hope I can assemble it all finish in time, as there are tons of work
left! Thanks on behalf of the dog too!
Take care!


You had a good beginning, but you have not finished the picture. Why?

My work


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