The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Mathias Varaste


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Latest Update: Modeling: The Scene!


Sorry, dobble post!


Looks like it’s going to be a cool challenge! I Wish everybody good luck and have fun!



Good luck to you!


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Thank you Vedic! Good luck 2 u 2!
Made some changes to proportions and a new hair-do!


No journey without some solid waterproof boots, As much as she hates wearing shoes!
I guess I will need to have both displacement and bump to break up the bulkyness of these boots!
Sorry for the radical AO render, still experimenting!


Hello Mathias, I finally found your thread, I like the color mood on you sketch, and you should keep modeling, it seem like you have stopped for a while, nice boots, I don´t think you would need displacement or bump maps on then, if you are going for a cartoon style…
Ah, yes, you should paste a link to your thread in your user profile signature, so people find you easier and give you their commets… :slight_smile:
I ll be watching…! good luck man.


Thanks Nakary! I’m glad you liked it! I will try to do a semi_cartoonish style and see
where it goes.
Thanks for the tips too, I will do it!
Stay strong!


I’m gonna have to sew some curtains after this and plant tomatoes! I guess there is time enough!


Nice modelling!


cute house :slight_smile: good luck with growing those tomatoes


The modelling is great so far! I especially like the cartoony slanted house. I think the face of the character could use some tweaking to look more appealing. The eyes in particular seem a bit widely spaced and maybe a little back.

The concept seems like it could be tweaked to become more interesting as well. You’re not even going to be showing much of the great house you made! I think you could use a better camera angle.

Overall, great start! Looking forward to updates.:slight_smile:


The house is looking good!
nice concept…

good luck :wink:


Wow, So many replies! I’m so happy!
luigithekid, Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!
makaron, thank you, love your avatar, does he ever rest at all?
burpy, Thanks man! I notice the face proportions now that you mention it. Will rectify soon.
About the camera angle, o boy, it has been and is a strugle to make it right, I need to get
as much detail on the foreground as possible and still keep a vast spacey background. I
guess no one can have it all!!!
MichaelMotion, an honor to get your feedback, I like your 3D_style!


Finaly I find another norwegian in the 3D Challenge:-)
I like your modeling very much so far, and look forward to the development on this thread. It’s still a bit vague on the concept/story, though… “This girl just might happen to be about to go down this road” :smiley:


Hi again Kjell;
Thanks for the comment! I agree about this concept being vauge, cause I wasn’t so sure
about the props and camera angle and stuff, and to be honest, the girl is not even the
main character. Oh, have I revealed too much, maybe?


you have good models with a lot of details.
good job!


nice models specialy the house. i don’t mean to bother you but i suggest you choose some more original characters, good luck:bounce:


Thanks Raul; glad you liked it!
Hi, FlaminGlow; No bother brother, You are maybe right, but this is a character based on
a true person and I really wish to do a few renders with her! I’m sure she will appreciate!
See you!