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: The end of my journey (title: Techno-hope)


I got it! I have the inspiration! I’m thinking about that old movie named “Fantastic voyage” and its remake “Innerspace”; I’d like to make a sort of parody of that kind of movie, with a soldier,a micro-pilot, ready to begin a journey inside a human body, involved in a micro-surgeon mission. He’s an hero, he’s proud, he’s ready to begin and to fly inside the body; but nobody told him that he will drive a “suppository-ship”… In these quick sketches you can see the first ideas of the environment (a surgery room) and the hero.


“Innerspace”…thats a sweet concept & some very nice sketches to start with

good luck!:slight_smile:


Thanks Stephan! Good luck!


uh huh huh huh heh heh huh huh huh hu… in the ass!
Sorry I had to.
Nice drawings so far. I like number 1, the scientists face is bigger giving a better sense of scale for the little guy :smiley:


hem…yes…you’re right mike…maybe this first idea is not the right one. I think I’m going to change it! Thanks for the advice about the doc’s face behind!


Very nice skecks!

Good luck:)


Thanks Josh!


gaah! Great concept! I’m totally fond of innerbody scenes - and this has the potential to be a really fun scene, poor hero :smiley:

You could also do a scene where he enters the bloodstream, shrinked as in the movie … less fun, but also less disturbing for those easily upset. Good luck, will follow for sure :thumbsup:


Good Luck Marco I Hope To See Something Great Here

And have Fun :slight_smile:


Thanks my friends! Stay tuned, because last night I had a vision! Yes! I see it!!! And I’m going to post the new (and less disturbing) idea soon!


I have changed something: first, I have replaced the human hero with a bacterium, as a “micro soldier” born by some kind of military experiments…


I have changed something: first, I have replaced the human hero with a bacterium, as a “micro soldier” born by some kind of military experiments…


… then, I started to think about a mechanic tool that the surgeons will use to operate. I was thinking about nano-technologies and so i changed the main character with something built with this kind of technology, a sort of “switzerland-knife” micro-robot.


Hi there Marco, great idea for your entry. :thumbsup: The concepts that you have done already give a good view into this type of travel. I really liked “Innerspace” in the 80’s so I will be looking forward to seeing where this journey goes. Best of luck to you on the challenge.

Matt :slight_smile:


Thanks Matt!


this one sounds like fun…just been checking out your Spectacular entry,nice work :thumbsup:


Yes, both the last two concepts are really good!
Maybe you could have the hero part organic/bacteria and part tech? That way you could use both great ideas :smiley:
I have a feeling this will be something really special, please carry on!


Thanks Stefan! I’m happy you like my spectacular! I hope to make something better with this journey!
Gunilla, thanks for your feeling and advices! I’m going to sketch the new micro-hero right now!


hahaha… very funny! good luck for u!