The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Lombardo Simone


Yeeeepeeeh… great place for you my friend… much congratulations :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: …

…you’re the best :thumbsup:


Congratullations Lombardo! :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce: very well done, and well deserved Keep going my friend :thumbsup::buttrock::applause:


Congratullations Lombardo .


Congratulations Lombardo and best wishes.l’ve posted an email to you at .When you get it please answer me.


Yoooo lombardo !! Congratulations ! ! :applause:


Whooooooehehehe :applause:

Great job fellow, and congratulation for the second place… well deserved :slight_smile:


Yay - big congratulations, Lombardo! Very well deserved :thumbsup:


congrats Lombardo, very slick work!


hey dude, great job, was watching your progress. congratulations


Really great work congratulation!


gregoo23, Laurent, Omar, irananimator, flaeticia, Goul, Gunilla, shakes, chaitanyak and tredistudio Thanks a lot for posts and support!! It was a really good suprise for me!!

Hope to see you on the next challenge!! :beer:

ashiataka, thanks and congrats too, i don’t look at this email usually, i used only for msn. But i will look and answer you when i find your email.

Congrats to all participants! :beer:




congrats man.great work.


MT-Cup and coochaki thanks a lot for replies! :slight_smile:


Whoohoo! Congratulations Lombardo! Love the atmospheric illustrative feel to your work. Looking forward to seeing your inspiring participation in the next Challenge. Cheers!

(Hope such a win helps with the “looking for a job” thing…)


Congratulations SuperXCM, yours is my favourite piece in the series. It appears to have Art Deco elements set in a futuristic environment with a theme of heroic adventure - Inspiring stuff mate :slight_smile:





That’s really impressive – Your 2 characters really convey emotion well, and we don’t even have to see their faces.
The environment has a great style to it. I hesitate to call it “retro”; it seems so overused, but it does have a touch of retro to it, in the streamlining and ornamentation on the rocket.



oceanbluesky----> Thanks for reply, i’m glad that youlike it! see you in the next one! :beer:

(no, i’m working but it will finish in august, and it’s a work i hate, no creativity, no challenge, nothing interesting :frowning: )

Petraeus----> Thanks! make me :blush:
wxr001—> sorry but my chinese but “wo bu ming bai”…:blush:

carlg---->thanks for this reply. It mean a lot for me, i’m glad to see that something different can be appreciated too.

Thanks again all for replies!!!


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