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Hi all!:wavey:

Welcome back to an another challenge… and what a challenge… like this new theme, lot of idea, lot of possible directions… must defrag :wip: … anyway, i’ve some prefered versions, want perhaps to make something with a “tooned-tuned”-Spermatozoide going for a longest journey …but perhaps not the good idea not really “epic”, always epic image must be done for these challenge… :arteest: … Or perhaps i can do a mysterious girl, looking the horizon to see the long way to the giant bonzai… :rolleyes: …( Any ressemblance with past challenge is purely coincidential.) :rolleyes:

But it’s really cool that this new challenge begins, and i wish you all good work and good fun!!
Good luck all!!

Let’s go!! Beer for all! :beer:


Welcome back, dude, Loved ur last entry in the spectacular challenge, good luck dude!:thumbsup:


Judging from your spectacular entry, I’m going to keep track of your thread. Good luck!


Lombardo! :buttrock:
Haven’t seen your thread - so glad you’re in - this will be lots of fun!
Don’t forget to put a link to your thread in your sig so you’re easy to find. :wink:

Spermatozoide idea sounds great! It could be difficult to give it a strong emotional expression, but if you could it would be awesome. Looking forward to see what you come up with! :beer:


beelow, 3D_Explorer aznd gunilla thanks for post!! :beer:

Here come i can begin now, ok, must forget the Spermatozoide idea, not enough epic, and not sure about how to make the feeling of the journey, now i’ve got 2 other idea, post sketch of first soon. :wip:

And thanks Gunilla, i’ve forgot to change my signature, now it’s done!!

Let’s go! :beer:


Hello, here’s my first concept (ugly concept :s), want to make the beginning of a Space Journey, the pilot walking on the bridge, on the background we can see the Shuttle(not sure the good word?) always attached with some smoke, keeping is reactor hot, ready to go… with some light coming on the bridge trough the pipeline, and some technological stuff… hope you see where i want to go… first concept. :stuck_out_tongue:


The first one is not really original, and i’m not sure to do it, but i like this vertical format…need to defrag, the second concept, is really different, but not sketch for now, my hands don’t like pen lol, i want to make a big tooned-parrot, take a branch on his shoulder, with at the end of this, his bag, walking in profile view from camera and taking a tresors map on his hand, … and on the road we can see a panel which show how miles need to the next city, or something like that, must developp the idea, but i’ve the character good in my mind big fat parrot, i’ll try to make a sketch… :wip:


Hello all!
I think i will go on with the first concept, but i don’t want to make it hyper-realist, it will be the beginning of spatial journey but not on earth, don’t wont to make some NASA style, i’ve begin the modeling, and try some light and compo, but i’ve a problem with my bridge grid, an the render i’ve got some strange “arch” as you can see on the image, perhaps the hole in the grid are too small, but i try to render on bigger resolution, always the same problem, anyone got an idea to correct this problem, but keeping the same size for hole? I’m working on Max 8, render with brazil.

Thanks a lot! :stuck_out_tongue:


hey dude wassup, nice start u got there :thumbsup:



hey man,…i think you have a very good idea, but i dont see any shuttle here, and probably it’ll be better if you get rid of those pipes above the bridge, its some short of nuissance to the compostion and maybe you want to lower the camera angle a bit so the audience can see the sky above, the destination…well maybe. good luck and keep on going


Hello thanks for replies!! :bounce:

Squibbit, thanks man, and i don’t see link on your signature, well do you participate? :deal:

terminus_ad_quem, the shuttle will come for sure, for now it’s only a cylinder, but it will be :slight_smile:
For the camera, i think it can be a good idea, but as now i want to show the ground also, trough the grid, but i’ve got some problem on render. Anyway it’s a very good idea, thanks a lot. :beer:


Glad to see you here ,interesting concept.
looking forward to see your worlk!:cool:


yeah nice entry here ! maybe the holes in the grid should be smaller…i think the arch on the image are logic… it’s like a visual holografic effect …but anyway it looks strange… good luck& keep post’


Hey dude thats a cool concept. Nice to see you in this challenge:) All the best and rock:scream: :thumbsup:


Hi, thanks for replies,

jab’ thanks for help i will try to make it smaller, i hope it will be right! :wip:

Thanks all Update is coming!! :beer:


Hello all,
here’s a start for modeling, i made the part who support the attach of the space shuttle, not yet finished, just a start, must add details!! hope you like it!! :stuck_out_tongue:


looks good to me,nice detailing


Looks neat whatever the heck that thing is. :slight_smile:


Nice start! It’s cool that you’re going tech and space with this - I haven’t seen many around with this idea so far.
Your modeling is always a pleasure to see :thumbsup: