The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Lewis Mealing


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Latest Update: Modeling: Arms done


I wish i could draw :frowning:


A rough Composition


Another Idea i had, toying over which one to do.


Hi all, ill just explain myself a bit.

I am fairly new to 3D, maybe about 2 months. So as you can probably guess i have no intention of winning anything in this comp :slight_smile:

Basicly im just here for the experience, to have some fun, meet new people and get some REAL critism on models (all friends just go “woow, thats amazing!!!” heh)

So any way, As you can probably see from the above drawings i cant draw ^^. but thats not the point heh, ill go into the images a bit.

The Bot picture is basicly an old scrappy bot, sat next to his shack made of junk with all his belongings in his hand. Ahead of him is a huge junkyard looking very dark and eery. Just in the distance we can see a beautiful meadow with a stream, maybe a little forest and golden sun.

Option 2

A close up of an acorn with a huge tree in the background. Very simple heh

I think the tree is the better option but i will be honest and say i doubt i could do a tree efectively, especialy as it would be pretty much the main focus of the picture.

So because of that i am leaning towards the bot picture.

I know im a tad late for this one, but ive got 2 weeks off, so i should catch up fairly fast :slight_smile:

Wish you all good luck!


Bot head, more soon :slight_smile:


Might re-do the thumb depending on what people think. Some comments would be nice :frowning:


Nothing special, just got the hand attatched, im going to change the body a lot.


Cool concept with the bot and a nice start to the modelling.
Looking forward to seeing more.
Oh and welcome to the challenge :wink:


Hi LewisM, the hand is a good start, but I prefer the tree, good luck for the contest.


thanks, i would of prefered to do the tree to, but i have to be realistic with my skills =/

one day though :slight_smile:


Not the best shot for seeing the new hand, but its there :slight_smile:


hei seems u learning fast i like this robot
keep it up


seems it’s gonna be a cute one.keep it up


Yes im falling a tad behind, but work took priority :frowning:


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