The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: John Shakespeare


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Latest Update: Final Image: zakoo’s first flight


‘Zakoo’s First Flight’[CENTER][/CENTER]

Hi everyone, my entry will be based on a little alien called Zakoo, nervously embarking on his very first spaceship flight. Watched by his family and pets, he’ll be on the launch pad attempting takeoff, and in the background will be a huge alien city with spacecraft flying in the air, with planet earth in the sky for a bit of fun. character design isn’t finalised, but I’ll be aiming to bring out familiar ‘human’ elements in their personality.(thanks to soapy for helping me decide on an idea!)

look forward to workshopping this one with you all. and good luck to everyone


Haha too good i’m the first to reply here, proud of it :scream:

When i see ur nickname i see an elvis i remember :slight_smile:

Have fun and good luck mate :thumbsup:

edit :funny idea man, cant wait to see the sculpt !:thumbsup:


Hahaha, nice start Shakes! Funny concept, very promising. Can’t wait to see how it develops. I am happy you are joining in for another challenge, should be fun. Cheers, good luck.


hey John! Nice to see you here again! Good Luck and take my regards to the King!


This is gonna be fun. Cool idea.


Yippiii you’re in! :thumbsup:

And with a really fun and nice concept - I’m looking forward to this :slight_smile:


I like your style Shakes! Very creative. I look foward to seeing more of this as it develops.


yeah… we are in for a treat here… :stuck_out_tongue:
I´m looking forward to see the -familiar ‘human’ elements- :bounce:


awesome concept,the story comes across perfectly…looking forward to more :slight_smile:



another very promising work here John !!! Good luck for the challenge :wink:


Glad to see your up and runnin’ Shakes, i hoped you would enter


WTH ? My apologies John for being a little late , I totally missed your thread ! :blush:

Great concept , no doubt it will be really funny as usual , aha I’m laughing already !

Keep it up mate ,

cheers ,



nice concept
i like it
Have fun … … .:cool:


[LEFT]cipher:[/LEFT]great to see you first up! heh, long live the fatso, eh? this should be fun I hope
[LEFT]soapy:[/LEFT]thanks soap, and thanks again for helping me make my mind up!
[LEFT]medunecer:[/LEFT]hello again! thanks, and I’ll pass on your regards to the big guy
[LEFT]3D_Explorer:[/LEFT]heh buddy- so glad you’re doing one too- we can share the pain!!
[LEFT]Gunilla:[/LEFT]Hi Gunilla…here we go again, and lovely to have you here again! glad you like the concept…I’m worried there’ll be lots of junior aliens learning to fly…eek
[LEFT]Howitzer:[/LEFT]thanks alot and great having you here!
[LEFT]makaron:[/LEFT]Hi GP!! Love how yours is going, and thanks for being here, as always!
[LEFT]Stefan_Morrell:[/LEFT] thankyou alot, I’m relieved to hear that…I love yours!
[LEFT]jddog:[/LEFT] great to see you jd! are you doing one? hope so.
[LEFT]handlebar:[/LEFT]Hi Mate! hope you do one too-hope all’s well.
[LEFT]Zapan:[/LEFT]hey, you’re early Zapan…page 1! hope you like, and good luck w1th yours.
[LEFT]coochaki:[/LEFT] thanks alot…martians coming up!

time to get modelling methinks…I’ll start on the pets, I think.

cheers shakes :bounce:


This time I’m not so sure to take part on the party… until know I don’t have some ideas and not so sure to have time to do it… :shrug: I will see later, until know I will be a follower of your progress… :wink:



Here’s Ol’ Faithful(click on image for high res)


Wow awesome character! Concept is great! Love the eye:)

I wish you luck!


Lookin good shakes!


hahahaha, Nice! it looks like one of those old cartoons, funny, but something creepie:scream: