The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Jack zhang


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Latest Update: Final Image: Little Run-away Princess


this chanllenge is great!!! I had this idea of doing kinda journey scene for about a year now but never push myself to do it. Thanks CGTALK for giving me this oppertunity.


quick concept sketch, mainly for posing of the charactor.


basic shape of princess


Nice modeling!


verry nice ‘toony’ modeling !
perhaps the head is too big, and shoulder have to be tweak a little …
bute verry cute body mod :slight_smile:


Modeling looks good!
she’s got a very stylized look! :thumbsup:


Nice body…good luck…


wow… i got reply… and that’s more than just one reply… haven’t seen that for months. thank you guys so much! (teared).

to Vedic kings,MichaelMotion and ELLDOY: thank you guys for your … emm comment. i’m happy that you guys like the style. this is like my second cartoony charactor ever, usually i go realistic. anyway, it’s great that you guys like it, there are more “cute” coming hope you guys will enjoy more

to schun : you abusolutly right, her head is big. in fact i also started a wip thread here. i post most of the wip there and post the finished-or-almost-finished work as my milestone. in that thread i said i kinda want her to have a big head. but that’s not certain yet. i might give her a bit more realistic proportion later.

again, thank you all for coming and go ahead enjoy more.


sexy girl , i love her , post more close shots here , haha…just joking , keep it up nice modeling so far:thumbsup:


Great start Jack!! I’ll fallow your tread for sure. Keep up your good work :thumbsup:


Intresting, I didn’t know you were allowed to do that.

Nice model though man, I like the head big, it adds to the style in my opinion.


thanx crin. i forgot to do the link in my previous reply. the word “here” should link to wip section. is it true that having a wip thread and chanllege thread together is not allowed? if so then i need to remove that wip thread. who should i check to get this confirmed?

to Cygnus_X: I miss you guys so much T.T… come to EA and we do 99999 x 999999.89 together. thanx for being here for me.


very nice modelling! :smiley: keep rocking!


I think that they want to keep it all in one place – from the faq (stickied 2d forum) they want everything hosted on their servers, and all of the extra material that you make available. For the ‘community involvement’ part they’ll be looking strictly in these forums I’d hazzard.

Your’re doing a good job of setting up a journey from the pov of ‘going away from something’ (instead of going to something) which is a little different, good stuff. Base character is looking great :slight_smile:


thank you Kary for that important information. I guess i will close that wip thread and put everything over here. it’s a safe way after all. and i’m glad that you like the idea. in fact this image is stating a transition period, she runs away from one “journey” for another “journey”. as i was talking to my friend early today, that i’m gonna start dressing her. it’s a bit challenging since the dress need to show her as a princess and also a travellor as well.

anyway, again, thank you and thank kinomoto for your kindly reply and support.


so the design of her dressing started. got couple of ideas of the overall looking, put them in 2d, but since only myself would understand what i draw, i won’t put them as milestone. didn’t do much mesh work, starting with 3 necklaces around her neck. here’s just one of them.the other two will be way thinner and would be able to show the feeling of bouncing.


one of three necklaces around her neck


Glad to be of some help :slight_smile: The thick necklace looks good – having 3 should make for a nice spot of detail.

Well the nice thing about princesses is that they aren’t noted for their practicality :wink:


so, there, she laughes. without hair. it’s really freaky i guess.

i changed the idea of the necklace, a big one is enough, i think now it’s pretty clear that she’s a princess.