The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Ioan Dumitrescu


Ioan Dumitrescu is entered in the “The Journey Begins Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): face


a try at getting the concept working:)
will start modelling soon.
C&C welcome:)
GL to every1 who’s participating!


Nice technical shading there :wink:
What’s the story behind your concept?


Well the story is pretty straightforward(aparently:) )
at this time i was thinking of a epic journey from another point of view.As its pretty late ill just make it short :D.When some1 starts reading a book ,lets say with all kinds of adventures,and entertaining ,captivating things ,that person,doesnt matter if its a child or a grown up, enters the books universe and reading it he leaves the real world for an imaginary world,passes from non-fictional to fictional…profan to sacred and so on.I will be macking a boy embarcking on this epic quest,which can be seen as a journey from childhood to growing up:).
thats all going to sleep:)


started working and this is what i got so far of the “environment”.alot more to be detailed,will try getting something nice:).will start macking the little boy and the plant-vine that will be growing out of the book:)


I like the concept a lot and I think it has the potential to be great :bowdown:
From the samples I can only imagine how the final image will turn up
Looking forward to it!!
All the best!!:thumbsup:


ty Vady,hope so to:)
im working on the kids concept and overall design
will post as soon as i get the scetch scaned ,and modeled:S


Mult noroc si bafta.:thumbsup:


nice concept and good modeling . good luck !


Wow that’s quite a difficult concept to make an image out of! I like the modelling start so far, can’t wait to see how you’ll pull this off.:slight_smile:


heia ty for your comments
ill start posting again after Easter is over here:)


Argh…Wish I had ur idea. Really has petential to look very nice. Looking good so far. No crits yet. Keep it up.


Hei all,back from the holidays with a quick conept of my boy^^and some accesories.


im back with some small updates.
a little render to give me a better idea on how to complete the scene.
btw sry for the low quality…i didnt see it when i saved:S(and didnt want to render it again:) )
More updates coming v soon.


Another update on the boys face(still need some tweaking at the mouth),his boots and backback,kinda raw,but adding the details as i go.
currently finishing the clothes,and working on the plant.
will post some textured and lit pics soon.
crits and comments welcome.


nice modeling man.hope the textures will match it:)
looking forward to the finished img!
bafta multa!


Hey Ioan! Great work…really like the expansive feel to your scene. The details, twists, and turns of the surfaces on your character’s boots are great, very organic and real. Good luck!


small update on the plant,been busy finishing the boy…now trying to get best proportions for him:S
Suggestions,crits,comments are welcome:)


Vady,Ocean, Thanks guys:)


Hey Ioan! Really cool concept you have going here…looking forward to seeing the boy placed within the scene. Hope you have enough time to finish (and that you are going to join the next challenge when it starts so you’ll be able to continue to exhibit your creative concepts)…will the vines interact with the boy in any way? Really like the effort you’ve made to detail everything, especially his boots and the books. Great drawing skills too. Good luck!