The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Gregory Fromenteau


Heheh… Don Quichote on a tricycle:P Funny idea. It will be a long journey if hes just starting his way from the doorstep, but a very short one if hes just seeking for the nearest windmill:beer: Id expect it look best when photorealistically textured, but its just a very late suggestion and my personal feeling… and the style I usually choose:) Looking fwd the final entry. Good luck!!


Very nice, surreal idea. :thumbsup:


great image!
i like the concept, and the horse is well done!


hi all ! thanks all for your support ! the picture is almost finished ! i’ll post it tonight :slight_smile:


final composite ! just in time ! :slight_smile:


deleted post (wrong picture)


It’s the story of a young boy who wants to become a knight. He’s poor, he has no castle and he don’t know anything about knight’s rules.
But there’s a knight’s tournament near his village, so he makes a crazy horse and curious weapons and he’s going to win this tournament ! What a crazy journey !


Someone might be disappointed how “clean” is this image, but I have to say, that I love how it looks. It is almost like shot from real life… realistic yet cartoony. You have my compliments :thumbsup: One point might be your depth issue - colors looks pretty simillar from foreground to background. Little grey-blue mix on background hill/village will do it to me, but it is for sure only up to your feeling. Wish you good luck :thumbsup:


thanks you Oweron, i agree with you about the “clean” aspect of the picture, but as you say, i choose this style :slight_smile:
and for the colors, i don’t think that is a problem, but it’s a good point, wish you good luck too :thumbsup: and thanks again :slight_smile:


Congrats on finishing. Your image has a very simple and romantic feeling( take it as a compliment, i really like it)…congrats :slight_smile:


thanks you dimitri :slight_smile: , i’m really pleased that you like it :slight_smile: !


very original.
i love your scene, and i think that your image is one of the best!


thanks danydan ! i’m pleased that you like it :slight_smile: , i don’t really think that’s one of the best but i finish it, and for me it’s already a reward :slight_smile:


Good work!!!
But on mine at your work the same problem, as at mine… The Sky is made not so interesting, in your work the sky borrows a lot of place and without clouds is looked is empty a little.
The poor guy has very much liked me, it is a pity that most likely will kill it on tournament.


Innovative charcter design. I like your idea. And gr8 final image. ALl the best.


Héhé… very good Greg… really like this picture… This Don Quichotte seem perfect… congratulations… and especially for your fast finishing.

Bravo gars… ça claque bien… :thumbsup:


LOL! great image, I am happy you had finished it! =) it realy reminds me of don Quixote. It has some inspiration on him? best wishes!


Anatoli > thanks :), i agree about the sky…i’ll work on it later !

ramras > thanks ! all the best too !

Lemog > merci ! congrats too ! and yes it was a race to finish it in time :slight_smile:

Scied > thanks man, and yes Don Quichotte was one of my inspiration , best whishes too ! :thumbsup:


Nice work mate! Very fresh and efficient picture!
You ve made an excellent and fast work here;)
Well done!!!
Good luck to you!


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