The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Eli Abramovitch


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Latest Update: Post Effects and Compositing: The Leprecons Travel


i’m really excited about this challange and hope to complete it in time…


this will be my main character…
i’m working on a concept also…


i had the body ready but i wanted first to get comments on the head since i think this redner dipicts the best way of how it looks.
here is a full shot:


really nice model so far :slight_smile:
the only crit i’ve got is that the ear could be put a little more backwards.
And for texturing, don’t forget to add durt :slight_smile:
Keep up! :thumbsup:


hi- thnx for the comments.
i’ve beeing working on one of the trees- and i cant decide if the center of the log is better with or without the circles in the middle.



here is a general 3d concept. no lighting or textures or positions(skins)

and a new crit i’ve add


well it looks allright soo far, but i don’t see a lot of journey in it soo far. where and why is he going?


as leprecons do… he craves for gold, even at the expence of his saftey. like i said before, he packed up tons of stuff leaving his town (the real treasure) behind and out to the darken forest. more details will come up soon…


I like the look of this head model!


no idea where the concept is gone. here it is again


its better you do not use a frontal view its better you use your perspective some depth in the scene and also do not use symetrical gestures, and you can use some props for breaking the symetries in design. For example use a pose that the elf trying to control the donkey, elf in a panicked stance and the donkey in a angry stance.


a little progress. i figured i’ll put the leprecons town on the hills in the back. also a little camera changes…


a little progress…


i got a chance this saturday to sit on the mule…



That’s one annoyed looking Mule, nice work :wink:


lol, thnx.
wouldnt you be annoyed if u had 10,000 items on your back?
im thinking of adding a little bump down look like he is depressed.


i’ve been working on a new concept since i got many reactions about my original one. this is it i’ll also add a giant bagpack on the leprecons back