The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Diego Velasco-De Armas


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: close up ship


Ok my friends, time has come to once again try my hand at this ;). Well, the new aim is to be as consistent as possible. Which means, simply keep at it everyday, even if only a little bit. Soon something will come of it. Hopefully, with enough time to go the extra mile in the end, to add those little details which I would have loved to add to my previous entries, but ended up without enough time to finish.

No concrete ideas as of yet, except that this time I´ll definitely FINISH IT! hehe The first time around I made my entry from scratch in 10 sleepless days. The second time around I wisened up a bit, but spent too much time in pre-production, with pretty elaborate 2D concepts before I ever got to doing something in 3D. So the new goal is to strike a balance. Here we go again! Good luck to everyone, I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!



Well, this is what I first thought of when I saw the theme for this contest, believe it or not. The funny thing is that, even though I had the image already somewhat defined in my mind, there are some themes that started to appear as I drew the image. Specifically, there´s a pretty obvious insemination metaphor (even if a bit reversed), which wasn´t too conscious, at first. What I had in mind in the beginning were- the huge spaceship from Disney´s “Black Hole” movie, the sending off of Superman by Kal-el, and a pretty curious theory on which a friend of mine was discoursing the other day called “Pan Spermia”. He took it way too seriously, but the idea is an interesting one. I still have a couple of ideas that I might develop, but my self-imposed deadline is monday to start working on something in 3D ;).



oh yes, this is great, I can really see it before me. I like the grandscale of the picture and the fact that it does not take place on the earth, but in space.

Looking forward to see more from you.



Hey Diego, this is one Fine peace of work! I really like the color sheme that you chosed!

Very cool, looking forward to see it in 3D!



Hey Diego !

Nice to see you in here too !
Great concept already !

Have a lots of fun and best of luck !

Cheers ,



The sketch is great and I think taht the idea should be great !


Hey Diego,

Nice to see you back and with a plan/schedule to finish in a timely manner . I like the concept sketch , it has a cool feel to it. Maybe you could have the smaller purple ships curving off in the direction of the Milky way/Galaxy to show where the journey is headed a little more. Good luck with this.


Hi Diego :beer:

I like your idea, but I have a doubt … Is that creature in the big ship, that´s go in a jouney? Or is just the purple ship he is holding?
I´m just don´t like the perspective of the galaxy in relation to the Spaceship … the galaxy looks toooo on right of the ship … I think would be more easy the big spaceship turns to the objective … hehe

Gostei da sua idéia. O unico detalhe é esse mesmo da galáxia estar muito na direita da nave-mãe … imagino que ficaria mais obvio se as navezinhas só fossem reto ao seu destino, pois ainda mais se tratando de uma viajem, acho que sempre imaginamos seguir adiante, ir em frente, e não ir a direita … hehe … Tudo bem que se vc colocasse a galaxia mais para a esquerda na imagem, para dar a impressão que está na frente da nave, a imagem ia ficar muuuito comprida o que tb seria um problema …
Talvez vc possa virar a nave-mãe mesmo em direção a galaxia, e para não perder os detalhes do tunel, vc pode faze-lo de vidro, ou quem sabe fazer uma extensão do chão, como numa plataforma de lançamento mesmo … sei lá … são só ideias … hehe

To de olho :thumbsup:


This has potential to be very beautiful. I can’t wait to see more. :thumbsup:


this wil be graite! Looking forword to se how you wil make the backgrunde.


Hi Bord, se7enthcin, Jr.Braz, mmoir, gpepper, zapan, KnightSoul, larsgehrt - thank you very much for the comments and the incentive! Always good to get some feedback! :slight_smile:

Bord, the background in fact is one of the great things about this image- it´s not too hard to do ! hehe Probably paint effects (maya), combined with some particle work. The stars will probably be a bunch of spheres with a random placement (MEL). The ship will be all 3D, probably will build smaller modules and mutiply them and reposition them to create a larger ship.

JR.BRAZ - fala companheiro! A luta continua! hehe The journey in this case is the one that the fetuses are making. They are being placed in space to float away to an unknown place in a galaxy “close by”. About the composition… did you mean that the galaxy is too close to the ship? My idea is that the ship is large, but not galaxy-size. So in fact the galaxy would be really far away, not next to the ship. When I make it in 3D, it´ll be easy enough to change the angle on the ship to what suits it best, I´ll be sure to experiment with that when I have it maya. Thanks a lot for the glass corridor idea, I´ll definitely use that! It will be a lot more interesting if there is a mixture of glass and metal in there, so that you can see the little lights in the tube, as well as the ship in the background.

Mmoir - thanks! I´m not too happy with the way that the little ships are in this composition, it´s not too clear where they are coming from. The sketch is more to convey the idea, in the end I will probably change the woman´s pose, as well as all the placements of the little vessels. The ships leave little luminous particle trails, that will probably help to show where they are going and where they came from.



Looks interesting:)

And good luck!


just check your concept. Need some tweaks with elements angle, but I like it. Try to draw kinda composition lines in order to catch the mood of “insemination” of the galaxy by your elements. Can already see nice cinematic look of this idea. Keep it up :thumbsup:


Wow. Very nice. I like how my eye is being drawn around, circling into the center of the galaxy. It’s going to be a fun to watch this image evolve. :thumbsup:


With that ship design you really made it looking like the inside of a human, if you know what I mean. Little sperms swimming towards an egg…hehe
And that makes the concept even better! Great work, keep it up!


wow! beautiful concept. good luck


Your concept is looking great! Is this the one you are going to finish?



interesting concept you planed to realize… is it going to be something like: aliens planting life in the universe? Nice sketch btw :thumbsup: