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The journey begins with a choice

A choice is a journey.

A journey is a choice.

The path taken in both directions is only up to us. We decide our fate even though many think we do not. Many think their fate depends on different external factors (social, intellectual or financial boundaries, etc), that it depends on some unwritten rules that can be misinterpreted.

At the end of your own journey, most often, you realize that you’re not even close to the first milestone.

What would it be like if you could do it all over again?

Starting from the same point, without the knowledge and experience gathered on the way, but all new, from the beginning, with the same innocence and trust as when you were children, when if the stock market fell it would not affect you, when everybody sent you to bed, when everybody gave you candies, nobody shouted at you, when you were able to make friends in less than 5 seconds.

What would it be like?

Would you turn up in the same place?

Do you believe you make your own way?

Are you traveling alone?

Are you ready to begin another journey?

That is my invitation to you – dare to open one door or another, search for clues and friends to guide you, don’t get caught up in illusions ‘cause it is time to make a choice, it’s time to begin yet another journey.



Hello, I watched you from a certain distance till now, but I decided to take this challenge to introduce myself in this comunity of yours, it’s a pleasure to participate and I sure it will be an interesting journey…a big GOOD LUCK to everybody.

… and a few words about what I’am trying to create:

A very innocent looking little girl standing in front of two doors as symbols of beginning and/or the end.

You either enter or exit, you have the illusion of freedom of choice yet you never know what awaits for you. Is the end the beginning of your new story or the beginning is the end of your old story? It is certanly a journey with maybe too many doors for the children who lie whitin us. Behind the doors you feel you’ll find others. Even though you always want to begin clean you don’t know what the journey brings, will you regret having followed the white rabbit? Will it make you grow up? Are you prepared to do so? Everything in this scene will have a very “motion like” meaning - everything is still and yet the details give you hints about movement and a lot more - to follow…


ops… double post.


fell free to comment or put questions :slight_smile:


an interesting idea with the distorted perspective but the idea of the journey is not clear for me


the basic ideea is this: any journey actually begin when you decide to make it and not when you step out the door/house or smth like that, this girl is in that moment, when she has taken decision to use on of those doors, whitch one, you decide. what she can found inside? well, she can find happines, sadness, knowledge, love… again, you decide. My “job” is to make you look at this work and make you choose a door and what she can found behind.
The scene will contain a lot more characters then you can see now, they’ll will apear gradually in working process, as in a theatre play.

I hope that my explanations make sense to you [to all, actualy :)].


It makes sense when you explain it but unfortunately, one of the criteria is to be able to figure out what the journey is by looking at it :sad:

Maybe if one of the doors was open and there were several people in the scene, one of them looking out a door and others walking to doors. Something along those lines.


cool idea and concept
good luck


Hmmmm…This has Salvador Dali written all over it…Very Cool !


se7enthcin: thx for sugestion, but, a big part of my ideea in based on the fact that the doors are closed, first step of the journey is to open one of those doors, whitch are not ordinary doors, when the others characters will come in the scene the journey will become more obvious. I only hope now to be capable and represent my thoughts/ideas clearly.

davison & blueferret: thx :slight_smile:


this is how I see the girl, I think that now she looks a little older then I was thinking but she’ll be younger when texturing comes…


…and some colors


hey …
I’m going to try that with the mountains…
Your red head gal is loking good…


really nice idea, and yeah, dali is clearly somewhere in there ^^, though it might be a bit risky if your story will get clear.

nice style in the modelling aswell, keep it up


next: texturing


Nice model of the girl, The pose is a bit static to me, but the face is quite good in character. The concept needs some refinement, but as time goes am sure you will find important details or solutions for better storytelling. Just keep Wippin, neighbour!


thank you , neighbour, indeed, my concept need some refinement and cleariness, hope do be able to do so. the pose it’s more like a test, after texturing I’ll take some more attention, of course.


… a long dog :slight_smile:


I love the style of the girl. Kind of reminds me of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. I agree about the pose is kind off. With this perspective I have a feeling this going to be a lot like Alice in Wonderland.


fat door, wip