The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Chih-Han Hsu


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Hello people :smiley: here we go again. Interesting topic this time, gotta get thinking… it should be a lot of fun. Hope i find time for this one :slight_smile: should be many amazing enteries to see from everyone. Best of luck to all and enjoy :smiley: cya


Hey Chih-han,

It is nice to see you back , good luck and have fun.


hey! nice to see you hsu! your whale is always my favourite! hope to see your amazing work again


Hey - good to see you in again! I’m sure there will be some great work here again :thumbsup:


Gotta love the whale! good luck buddy :slight_smile:


HI man,welcome,adn have great time arround.

looking forward to see what you cooking.


Good to see you again hsu, Hope you entry was as good as the last I followed (M&S) :slight_smile:


Hi mmoir, monsitj, Gunilla, Bikod, A I R, tilite :slight_smile: nice to see ya all. I’m still in the thinking stage and busy at work, anyway thanks for dropping by, hope to have some pics to show next time, cya :thumbsup:


Um… i sorta been busy :frowning: but did some thinking. haven’t really got any solid idea yet though. I did some brain storming sketches and i though i might just post it to get some comments. I hope i can get a soild idea to start soon :S


Hi man…very cool idea, and i cas see tht you like the sea escenes,
waiting for progress:wip:


Hi melkao, thanks for droping by :smiley:

I think i’ve got my story worked out now :smiley: here it is:
“In a deep freeze it all ended, but it was also a new beginning.
As the sun rose up from the horizon two perfect beings were born.
They broke away from their cocoon and set foot on a brand new world.”

I sorta wanna create a forzen world with vast strange/alien landscape and the birth of two new beings (adam and eve). These two new beings won’t be human but some new kind of life form, it should be fun designing them and their cocoons :smiley:

anyway hope to have some concept soon, i better get a move on :smiley:


well…what i can say…is a great idea…very nice concept:thumbsup:


I like your idea. It is unique. :thumbsup:


I did a really quick sketch of my idea very roughly atm. The two beings look very human atm but will be more alien/strange later i think, but i’ll attemp to make them beautiful. The cocoons are yet to be designed, this sketch was purely for composition and feel i guess. I’ll still play around with the composition later. Comments are most welcome :slight_smile:


I’ve done a quick concept of the cocoon, i 'll prob play around witha few more designs but here’s the first one. comments are most welcome :slight_smile:


nice start , wait to see more , more power to you:thumbsup:


wow…nice…ehhhh…what you say that is what?..just kidding…very nice drawing and abstract concept!:thumbsup:


Lovely design for the cocoons. I think you have a really strong concept going - with all that ice it can be a really magnificient image. I’ll be watching of course :slight_smile:


The sketch is very strong, it’s really will be great in 3D, i’m waiting for updates, good luck dude.