The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Antonis Papantoniou


Nice colors and compositing, and is really very strange your concept:thumbsup:


Thank you people, for taking the time to write your comments!

Another large part of the image is done! All work is done in ZBrush as always, working on one layer. Color tweekings are done mostly with Colorize, Saturation, and Highlighter brushes.


With this two parts, I am done with the post work in ZBrush. There are only a few more color corrections to be done, but I will do those in photoshop. The image is almost finished. It will probably be ready by tomorow.


Well done, Athonis!
You’re almost finished. This looks awsome, but (sorry for asking, as I must have missed some important posts in your thread :smiley: ) why did you go through repainting the whole work you’ve done in ZB? It was looking great with the original renders. I assume it must then be a question of style.
Top job anyway and lot of work done for it. Good luck and all my best :bounce:


really fantastic professional work, Antonis! this is going to be a beautiful image.


What a fantastic level of detail. This is a truely wonderful image. :thumbsup: A winner for sure.


The image is called Tarot Odyssey. It is about the journey through life, towards destiny, as it is described by the symbols of the Tarot cards.

The image depicts the Tarot world, a symbolic plane of existence. It is a world populated by the 22 archetypal characters and situations of the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot deck.

The protagonist of this image is card 0, the Fool. He represents the simplest state of a human being at the beginning of life’s journey. He is a youth without money, power, experience or intellect. He is a naive but adventurous character who is about to embark on a dangerous voyage, facing kings, queens, and the powers of the Tarot cosmos.

The fool will have to travel towards his destiny by riding the unicycle (Chariot card) that the Juggler is presenting him with. This is a symbolic vehicle requiring precarious balancing on the narrow path that goes through the choices, situations and obstacles of life.

There are many things to worry about during the journey: the Tower, the Judgement and even the Devil himself who keeps an eye on the wayfarer from the beginning of the journey, seeking for the opportunity to trick him into failure.

However, the journey is not without helpers (the Hermit), rest points (Temperance), or delights (the Lovers). But it is a journey with a mysterious and unpredictable conclusion, as the path of life ends up on the spiral Wheel of Fortune.

Also, notice that The Death card is placed right at the starting point of the journey, because it symbolizes an end and also a beginning. Perhaps this is a cyclic journey, a never-ending endeavour to reach a constantly unveiling destiny.

As far as technique goes, I wanted to try and see how far Zbrush would take me, so I committed myself to use it exclusively for the creation of this image (except for the compositing of rendered passes, done in photoshop).

Another thing I wanted to experiment with was the concept of hybrid art. I’d like to bridge the gap between 3D and 2D look in my work. I think that the advancements in both software and hardware are such that the borderline between 3D and 2D is fading to nothing, at least as far as the still image goes.

So, although I used exclusively what is broadly considered to be a 3D application (Zbrush), I aimed for 5D art (3D+2D), utilizing as wide a range of techniques as I could.

It seems to me that I ended up with an image that is mostly about personal style rather than category, and I think that this is a satisfactory conclusion to this creative journey.
But I would definitely like to hear from other people what they think about that.

Thank you all for taking the time to check out my thread and write your comments and crits. This journey has been a blast!


:applause: Congrats on finishing! A spectacular image too! It feels like a painting with a style I haven’t seen before. Your skills with zbrush are really astonishing and it seems you encorporated some Greek culture in here?


stunning stunning work, Antonis- what a gigantic project! the detail and effort you’ve done is extraordinary. I really love this image alot, and it’s been a real pleasure sharing the process with you.big congrats and good luck with the judging mate!


One of my favourite entries.Great piece of work and amazing use of colors.
I think u have succesfully gaped the 2d-3d space.
Good luck man:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Awasome work!! Outstanding idea and realisation! Good luck with jurynow


great image man!

nice style! i really like your 5D man!
full of details…
best wishes to you!


Congrats for a stunning final!
This have really been joyful to follow - so much amazing work and detailing, I really like the painterly end result. Good luck for the judging :thumbsup:


Nice…Very colorful and imagnative. This would make a great poster. Congrats!


I cant get over the amount of work that has gone into this piece! Absolutely stunning! Good luck in the challenge!




One of the most stunning and probably the most ambitious work of the entire challenge. I don’t believe anyone else even attempted a complete matte paint over of their image. Your passion for finding a new technique is unsurpassed. :buttrock:

I agree about the line between 2d and 3d still work being usually undetectable and ambiguous, though I also believe many people still have a prejudice towards the extreme mix, and would prefer to see what software packages can render without much post correction.

That said, I believe such a mind set can reduce an artist into more of a technician, or beta tester of features either incabable or disinterested in the human, painterly touches necessary in all compelling work.

You need not worry of any such pitfalls. Your 5D method is an ideal, and hopefully more of artists will adopt similiar extremities in future, as your piece might not be such the intense spectacle it is with your final overpaint. :applause:

You’ve mastered ZBrush, and, in the process, built a masterful scene. :applause:

Hopefully the judges can add a new tarot card to your already overloaded deck. :buttrock:

Congratulations and thanks for such an innovating thread. :buttrock:


Fanatastic picture !
The style is very amazing, i love how you managed to stylize your image, pretty nice journey in perspective :buttrock:

Good luck for the vote :slight_smile:


very very very cool. Beautiful work. :thumbsup:


Is this really done with 3D tools? That is just amazing! You have my extra stars for realization of this mysterious journey. Love it! Good luck with jury :thumbsup:


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