The Journey Begins Challenge (3D) Entry: Albert Feliu


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apparently my post num. 1000 has been my submit to the challenge lol, maybe it gives me good luck :wink:


This is my first idea. I won’t be using it probably, but as I finished the sketch I’m posting it here.

The main idea is a civilization of some creatures who live among the darkness. They use all kinds of toxic and fossil fuels, and have no remorse in wasting it, as well as all what nature gives them. One day the dense athmosphere of clouds that surround their world gets broken and they find out that…they can’t survive with the sunlight as it makes them blind and corrodes their skin…This is the cause why most of them die.

So the survivors begin a journey, looking for another place to be. Hopefully they’ll have learned the lesson, and will treat their next place more carefully… :slight_smile:

When I choose a final concept, I’ll work more on it :stuck_out_tongue:


Placed in a futuristic world, this concept is about a girl looking for adventures, tired of spending her time in the same facility, watching from far distance the place she wants to be.


A warrior, tired of not fighting anyone interesting, starts a quest to find stronger people.


hehe… that will be 3d, isn’t it? have a look on my WIP here !!:slight_smile:
We have similar ideas!!! :slight_smile:


Escaping from the light, sounds interesting man, but dont put that much creaturs there!

keep it up man!


He understood he had a monster inside;
The demon couldn’t be held anymore.
Then began the journey to the dark world,
leaving neither mercy or remorse behind.


Thanks man :slight_smile: although I think I’ll go for my last one…It’s more CHALLENGING :bounce:


First steps…


sorry for the silly shaders, just having fun :bounce:


Holy crap thats awesome!!

Good luck man!


Hey thanks man, really appreciated, I’ll be updating later tonight or…tomorrow :shrug:


for a head preview this is impressive


Wow thats a bit good! Only thing i can think of to crit -is that the shinyness you have on the face wouldnt be of such an even coverage - thered be some more matte bits -which’d just give it that small edge and get rid of the overall waxy look you sometimes get with SSS -but im sure you already know that - seriously -this is pretty much flawless!


Hey DDS nice to see u here! good luck and Good start!! :thumbsup:


Hey thanks guys, sorry couldn’t update yesterday :frowning:

Selina, right now there are no textures anywhere, just 3D maps for giving some more quality to a default specular, at the face, and some normal maps for bump :slight_smile: Hehe, as I said, just having fun with shaders, I won’t use much SSS in that face. Thanks anyways, keep 'em coming!


I love your style really original and beautiful!


Very nice start. I will be looking for more. :thumbsup:


Pieces of armor seal the demon

(some are subject to change, the black one is just preliminary, dont have more time today!)