The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Torsten Wolber


Step by step, your refined work is very great, really good pic


I like the colouring of the bulldozer. Your art work tells the story of a journey beginning, very well.


Great piece! Idea, shot and technique are really good! This will be a great entry! Good luck!


That’s cool color~
good stuff. I like it.
Good luck! :thumbsup:


hi torsten really incredible work.
everytime i look at your picture its the same good taste and getting better with new background


to the journey artist!! ur almost done :slight_smile: gudluck


Damn that’s good! I think this is my favorite! No crits!! :smiley:


So beautiful colors! I like the theme you want to express, but I think if the woods in the background are the destroyed ones maybe the effect will be better. Very nice image! wanna see it finish soon!


As usual, Your colors are amazing, and You kept the scetchy style so far very good. Nearly perfect. If You fill the “black whole” in the center the way I’m sure You will - than it’ll become a masterpiece, worthy your name.


this is looking really nice now. the way you’ve painted the top bit with the digger is ace. the big green tree stump is slightly plain imo, maybe put some color variation in there? anyway, good luck with finishing this. its looking ace!


beautiful scenery! One can feel the moisture in the forest scene here! Loving it. All I can say is “All the best”! Perhaps you like to add some weeds on the ground where the people are walking on?


Hi Jerome, yeah, i´ll try that. I´m always working from back to front, an entranched habit from the analog days loong ago, hehe.
Along with the suggestion of dom about the stump and the “black hole” China mentioned of course. Can´t thank you guys enough, especially when i´m stressed like that. However i will work on that today evening and tomorrow morning and boy, do i look forward to it :slight_smile:
Dehang, thanks for the input. I tried that in an early state but it didn´t look right somehow, maybe it´s a good idea to give it one more try.
Steven,blush you´re too kind , thanks.


I really like the city and you have a nice touch!!
Nice job!!


Great job so far, you’re a really talented artist :slight_smile: you got this really cool unique John Howe style to your art…as said, awesome looking


O.K., thanks again for the input. Spend yesterday to add some more details, mostly on the characters.
Hm, seems i really need at least two days off to finish this. But come what may, i will :slight_smile:


Never knew the story behind this piece of yours till now. Really cool man :thumbsup: Looks like you’re almost done. Awesome details.


Hi Torsten…simply I love your concept and How you made it…great…I love the light on the creatures…elf…Good work here…:thumbsup:


Absolutely amazing Torsten, I agree with ahbeejieh, now I understand your pic perfectly, I’m sorry for neglecting your thread, now I see a winner piece. Congratulations, you must hurry to finish, but I don’t think that would be a problem. The concept is simply fantastic. :thumbsup:


All that I want to crit on is the separartion of forground plants from that massive stump, Really superb image!:thumbsup:


I just had to add my congrats on a beautiful painting. Really great.