The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Torsten Wolber


I’m enjoying your process, excellent work!


hey man,

i tried out your crazy make-it-up grid thing and it was kind of fun. can’t really tell if it helped or not. but i makes me feel like i know the pic better now.


PS - your piece is looking outstanding. no crits.


Based on the first Coloring WIP i tried to concentrate especially on the values to keep the focus.


anzibon, you´re more than welcome to give it a try using this approach. Just keep in mind, that these are just guidelines and you have everey right to ignore them anytime.
Thank you for letting me be an inspiration.

Please note:
For personal reasons i will not continue working on this piece until May.
I will however most likely finish it before deadline.
Thank all of you for the kind support and nice comments.


Now I can clearly see what a great idea you have. In combination with your perfect painting skills you must be the winner. Make me proud Art :wink:


nice going mate*love the overall mood as well as the composition:thumbsup:


Handle ur personal issues dude, c you in may! Be back here, don’t not finished this contest, or u will have more personal issues!:argh: :stuck_out_tongue: U haven’t heard Beelow is the bully of cgtalk, hahaha, jk! See u then!:wavey:


it will be a loooongg wait for us till may.

it looks beatiful i cant find words to describe:drool:


we will be waiting patiently :slight_smile: This piece really works as it should be… in small thumbnail looks like a photo, what means that the light and colors r so real. dont forget to finish this, really!


Torsten, sorry to hear you won’t be working on this for a while. I hope the personal reasons are good ones, like a high-paying illustration gig, and not bad ones, like… well, I won’t fill in any blanks. Hope you’ll be able to drop by now and again to offer your valuable insight anyhow! :slight_smile: Good luck with stuff, and we will all eagerly await your updates in May.



Hey! This already looks a “Painter 2 Book” piece for sure to me! I think you gonna achieve a great result with this, maybe better than the market one. Good Luck!


it tells a short story about a journey of some tribe/people. i think you should add a few more elements to the story, or the background. something that will help you sell the story of the journey.

looking good.


WOW! hi mate! It looks excellent, very epic concept. Love composition and stykle a lot, characters are more than fantastic. Great situatuated to nature with cool atmosphere! What is that interesting mechanical thing at backround?

Keep great working! You are one of my favorites :thumbsup:


I just adore the lighting that is falling on the characters! Truly great work! :thumbsup:


that is so impressively gorgious and inspirational on many levels.


Du Sau!

haha that made me laugh out loud :smiley:


simply brilliant. all i ahve to say


wow, good job; one of my favorite images so far


Sweet concept, My favorite part is the color dodge used to pop out the highlights. Would look to see that same method used on some of the background too, like the leaf on the top right. Anyway, great piece thus far.


Good idea and colour wip. The group in the center is very beautifully shined by light ! :thumbsup:
Good luck!


Hey Torsten, sorry to hear that you’ll be away from the challenge for a little while. I just dropped in to take a look, and might I say the updates that I’ve missed look great! :buttrock:I will be looking forward to seeing where you take this piece when you get back.

Matt :slight_smile: