The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Torsten Wolber


As far as compos, as long as it reads well and the main focus is where it is suppose to be, then ur fine, good luck again, u have a very strong entry dude, I got to step it up a notch hehe! peace!:thumbsup:


looks like we have some major competiton! awesome job, I love the lady holding her baby, such good characters!



beatiful light usage!!
maybe that much light needs darker shadows (but just maybe)

i love it its gonna be great:thumbsup:

good luck


well, i myself long for some distraction in that people-shape…
maybe a lil kid breaking out to the right, maybe some dropped fruits and a bending person to the left… those people just seem to be very on rails right now
and i liked that horizontal canvas thing more, with that little wave in compositionblah

but who am i … just advance your piece, i’m sure it’ll turn out great


Du Sau! :cry:
“First attempt” - I like this kind of understatement.
Allright, it’s great already - like I didn’t expect anything else, if You hold the pen.

But right now, the composition isn’t really overwhelming. There’s a hole in the middle of the page, the “main” figures seem to be ducked in the lower third part. It looks like a book cover concept, with enough space for the title and the author’s name in the middle… Be an artist, not an illustrator! :wink:

To be honest, yet the last step with the composition lines wasn’t convincing for me: too tidy, too beautiful. Where is the chaos in the situation? The dirt?


that scene seems really so good.i did say before, lighting and tne mood of enviroment is really succesfull.i hope that will be better.
go on bro


Hi Torsten,
This looks very nice. Colors, composition and everything are great!
One thing that struck me though… I got the feeling that this group of people is ending their journey and not starting it. maby because of the old guy in the front has that pose as if he have come to an halt.
Great pic anyway, good luck!


Wow, i´m flattered. So many replies. Sincere thanks to all of you!!

I´m very exited about all your useful input and got some great ideas .
Hm, unfortunatley i have to work the whole day but tomorrow i will not only answer each one of you but also do a new sketch ( the widescreen-version) from scratch.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


I’ve been watching you and I just want to say good job and keep it up! I think the vertical composition setup works better. I also feel that the journey they are embarking in is much larger.


This absolutely blows my mind. The composition is spectacular… all of your hard work has definitely paid off. I think it’s just a matter of noodling out the details at this point. I’m enthralled by your colors. I really wish I had such a grasp on them… and all other things for that matter. Monstrous kudos.


Beautiful concept! I love the colors. The muted greens of the forest works wonderfully with the warm, bight highlights on the main group of figures. Great lighting. I look forward to seeing this done!


Wow, Torsten. I love the colour palette! Almost can breath the fresh forest air. But it also makes me wonder why they want to leave such a nice place! It will help if you add to the picture the cause of their exodus.

You mentioned that you are going to come up with a new sketch. So I will wait for that one!
All the best, dude!

EDIT: Just noticed that you have already put in the cause of the exodus: the construction claw. I didnt catch that at first! My bad.


GRRRRRR! very beautiful lighting!!
No word to say but wait for progress. cheers!




very cool, i love the glow coming off your people! your painting is excellent so far


complimets, the mood is fantastic, love how you solved the composition. keep on goin mate, this promisses to be a hammer!


love the concept. the giant claw holding the tree is a powerful image. Makes me sad for the faeries. It gives a great sense of scale too. Good luck with the colouring. So far it looks great.


thats really something. I have nothing to crit, I will just say bravo for making this superb piece :slight_smile: and for sharing its creating with us. keep up the god work!


Love the direction this is going so far. Nothing much else to say about this piece. good luck.


Thumbs up!

Great painting, reminds me of old oil paintings from 18-19 ctr.



My journey begins