The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Torsten Wolber


Snowman,i-popba,adonihs, Thanks for the encouragment :slight_smile:

Hexodus, hmm.ja…we´ll see. Sometimes the magic just won´t happen.
Thanks anyway and good luck with yours.


Nice. Iconic composition right? Gives the piece a very solid feel to it. This is gonna be great man, I’m lovin’ the whole “Moses” thing goin on.


i really enjoy watching your progress, Torsten. Looks very cool and there’s just nothing to crit :slight_smile:


i think its a bit too solid now, the foreground and the background actually figth for attention, a problem i actually have in my piece too. the midground actually is a bit too solid maybe, miles davis once said, groove are the pauses between the notes could also be used on paintings. my sugestion is to give the piece a bit more space to breath. maybe a bit more sky, some volumetric effects to separate far distand midground and foreground objects, show maybe more sky? keep up the great work, those elements already rendered look awesome :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Man, now you are kicking in the next gear!

The recent renditions make a hell of an impression on me. The Characters come to life, the space stretches and the composition starts to fuel power into the whole piece. And the light!

Ok, now it’s war! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Hey, do you often use preliminary greyscale rendering for your images? Or did you just want better controle over values this time? I just was wondering, because your market scene seemed to be painted “on the fly” in color.


:bounce: WOW!! Very solid composition. The characters are also great. Excellent work.


Hey Art,

the pic is coming along nicely, it looks great!

Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but the white diamond shaped lines on the second picture…it seems like you are using them to help create the composition. would you mind explaining your thought process on this and how you decided to use those certain shapes for this pic. I’m intregued on how you do this. If thats not what you are doing, then could you explain what thos signify.

Awsome pic man I love the color concepts and the current one with all the people are looking beutiful. Good luck and I can’t wait to see how this peice turns out.



WOW, cool grid.

it’s the DiVinci perfect composition.
but honestly, you made that up, right?

seriously though, very cool composition. but i think the characters are stuggling a bit against the bg. that might resolve itself a bit when you get into color, but in the current render it’s all a bit of a wall.

good luck, man!

PS - just found the 5th page of comments and 1st angel already said it better than me. but i agree.


Once again thank all of you for dropping by. :slight_smile:

ahbeejieeh: hehe, you noticed the iconic composition. Was ist that obvious?Because actually i indented it to be an insider.
Apparently not inside enough.
But seriously , it won´t work if i´d decided to go for it without putting in some decent variations. This structure is too solid for my taste but i will still use it as a general guideline.

Chief, Thanks. I keep watching your thread as well.

1st Angel, you´re taking the words right out of my mouth, this is waayy too solid now and in this state lacks focus. The thing is: i normally don´t work with greyscale but since this is a contest where we litterally all are on a journey, i thought i give this approach a try and find out pros and cons about it. Maybe that why the pic looks undecided, norrow and crowded. It will be clearer when i put some color on it, because that i´m feeling comfortable with. I would really like to hear your oppinion then.

Oh, this goes for anzibion as well of course. Thank you buddy. And yes, i made that all up, in fact i´m already done and trying to get some interesting background in a rather shallow pic. Damn, her goes my devilish plan. :smiley:

Daniel, like i said, this is the first time for me working with greyscale. Hey, we´re here to learn not to show off, aren´t we?
As for the declaration of war :wink: No need to call to arms, this is just my lame attempt to catch up with you, partner.

Nigio, thanks for letting me know.

Josh, thank you for commending me. And that´s not a dump question at all. It´s not the first time i use those guiding lines, mostly when i have to cram in many details somehow. For me it´s just the thing to do when i´m dealing with many directions and spots in a picture in order to keep track of all those elements without loosing focus ( which apparently didn´t work out very well this time, but i´m working on it…). I find it nearly impossible to achieve that without an elaborated composition. The way i do this is that i first push around all the main elements on the canvas and then decide which structure might be visible here. Then i´m trying to give this structure a system somehow.I think it´s important to feel everything in the picture has its place. Since i´m having a hard time explaining this in english you might as well look up Daniels ( Digitaldecoy) thread, because he´s better in that. In every respect.

Here is an example which i did 2 month ago. Started as a speedie, it ended up being a Not-at-all-a-speedie-any-more-Pal after 4 and a half hours working on it. But it took some time to make up my mind which lines i have to follow, which utensils to add and so forth.

Looks like that i have, apart from doing taxes (yikes),some spare time this weekend to spend on the next step. I must say that í´m very eager to get some colors in there.

Yipiie, that´s where the fun is!! :bounce:


hey ive been following your pic for a while…

i wanted say something but it really has nothing to do with your actual picture…lol
and im a little drunk…hehe…but since composition is a theme in your thread i think ill post it here…

for a start i really think thinking about composition in temrs of lines is highlyt over rated…we all have heard about it over the years…hell ive been studing painting (oil) all my life…and i really think most theorists have it wrong…but hey is me against the whole art word right??
well if you actually think about it no…lol…what!!

well…think about where you learnt the golden mean…think about who told you geometric shapes are important in a painting…who??
who told them??
and who told them??

the main reason i quit painting as a full time personal art profession was because people would alwas make up stuff about my painting that wasnt true…but if you want to sell art you have to talk the talk///and walk the walk…

the amount of times ive heard the phrase about my work “nice composition” is amazing…an really in my whole life i have never thought about it, is amazing…people will see what they want to see…hehe that is our nature…

so my advice to people who said “i cant paint” is always…you can!! just do whatever!

dont worry about composition so much…its usually a heap of people talking about stuff they have no clue about…just paint!!

anyway…im drunk and ramble…

anyway as i said before i love your work…
and always the composition is fine…



Wonderful composition! Beautiful Characters and scene…Top 10 to me…


Idgree, too nice of you. The Question is: Top 10 of what ? hawhaw

Cyberone; thanks, i hope you didn´t suffer from a serious hangover yesterday :slight_smile:
It might surprise you , but i agree with what you said ( or at least what i think you ment by that ) This talkthetalkwalkthewalk-thing is the reason why i never considered myself as a “real artist”, i was always more than happy being an illustrator who doesn´t have to make up cheesy stories about his art.
As for the compositionlines and so on: Maybe you got me wrong here, but i didn´t want to show off or tell people they HAVE to do this. Most of the times i´m not doing this either, especially when there are just 3 or 4 main elements in the picture. But in pictures like this i think it´s a good way to achieve a solid foundation, where you can build your imagination on.
That´s all, nothing to make a big deal about. Hope i made myself understood this time.
Thanks for the useful input and good luck with yours.


random, but that picture of the man with the beard is seriously amazing. I cant stop staring at it… so good, I love the detials in the back!


First attempt to turn the greyscale-image into color


Hey Art, your sketch’s making good progress. But tell me, what is the meaning of those mysterious lines? Do you use it for every of your compositions?


Well, who would ´ve guessed that doing taxes takes that long. Hm…
Since you guys at least deserve an update, this is all i got right now. Not at all happy with it, but some spots worked out very well. That´s a start :slight_smile:
Oh, never mind those charakters on the right , i just made a clumsy overpaint to try something. doh


Thorsten, this is beautifully positive.

Best regards and big respect

Khan alias Chupacabra

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Hey Torsten!

you make great progress in your painting. You pretty much nailed the lower half of the painting I would say. Great characters, beautiful color and lighting.
I’m not quite sure about the upper half though. Seems a little bit like you are waiting for the right idea. I’m sure that idea will come to you and when it arrives it will weld the two halfs together with a bolt of lightning. :slight_smile:

Say, did you just overpaint the monochrome version in color mode or did you already start to add color in normal mode. I often experience that colored greyscales look somewhat bloodless but yours look very light and lifely. Any tricks of the trade to share?


Beautiful!! The characters look wonderful, I really like the lighting falling on them, and the colours. Great work! :slight_smile:


hey looks mighty promising these!

i think i liked the second exodus pic more than this latest