The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Torsten Wolber


beautiful style man! is this Painter?? Good luck yo, this is gonna be great :thumbsup:


I like where this image is going also. Good atmosphere> I also like the warms that you have used to draw us into the focal point. Looking forward to more. I also would like to this larger. Great work so far.


wow ur good man like ur style good job GUDLUCK! :thumbsup:


that scene has a large viewpoint, so we can see what kind of an enviroment there is and this is really so successful bro.
and the other subject is the colors.that seems so hot and impressive.using light is very good.
go on bro…


Wow, I think this point of view and horizontal comp you have chosen are simply amazing. Love your colour palette. I only need larger images to satisfy myself. This image is going to be one of the big ones. Keep it up.


wow very impressive sketch! :thumbsup: I like the blueish tones in the crowd farther back …mhhm …very nice …go on! :applause:

( and make it bigger:wavey: )


nothing to say !


good composition,
uow!! the light is very cool! :thumbsup:


very nice ! good luky


I love this sketch - such great use of colour and light… Look forward to seeing the finished pic! :thumbsup:


Well, I really like this new combined composition, but that shouldn’t be all that surprising! :slight_smile:

The only thing I miss from the earlier comps is seeing more of the fliage and the canopy of the big tree… though with the current camera angle, don’t see too much way around that (unless you want to be like me and be soooo craaaazy with your perspective angles! :slight_smile: )

Anyhow, looking good Torsten, can’t wait to see more.



Hi, art! The concept is evolving quite nicely I would say. The colors look very good and even in this early stage the piece is conveying so much atmosphere.
What I’m wondering about is, if the initial idea of the machines destroying the fairie’s tree will still work out with the poses that are suggested in the concept. Perhaps it’s just the small resolution but what I see is a rather orderly crowd which does not seem to be in much of a haste. The leader appears calm and heroic to me it all just does not look like as if they were fleeing. It looks more like a traditional exodus which everybody knowed would come in time. Well, perhaps it would be better to show that the tree perhaps is dying of age or whatever and that this is the “circle of life” which calls for a jouney to be started somewhere else. On the other hand, perhaps you are able to build up a scary, fleeing form a dangerous force type atmosphere but then I would suggest to work with darker colors in the far background to enhance the danger felling.
However, I’m really looking forward to the evolvement of this painting. It’s very interesting and inspiring!


Thank you for the useful input , Daniel. Chinasky mentioned the same to me by private mail so i think both of you have a good point here.
I didn´t realize myself how far away from the original idea i am right now, but on the other hand i know now that i altered the concept for a good reason: By working on the crowd i tried to show a variety of emotions and i found it rather hard to express this by showing people who are more or less in panic. Which of course IS a big emotion, but every emotion will be alike.
So i changed my concept like this: They already knew they would come. One morning some worker painted a white X on the tree and they heared about what this means. First their troops tried to fight the enemy but then they had to admit defeat and decided to leave their homes.
The advantage of this concept lies in the variety of feelings within the group.
Everything in this picture should be beautiful as can be to give a contrast to those suffering elves. First of all the viewer should think" Hey, what a nice painting" but then he should realize that there is something deadly wrong with this picture. There will be a bleeding soldier, dead elves, a crying mother…something like that.
And for the leader: He won´t be heroic and all. I think especially he will be quite interesting to develop.The responsability he bears, his hope, and that he is not at all beyond doubt about his faith.

Anyway, i think/hope it will be all be clearer by FINALLY SEEING A LARGER IMAGE…(for crying out loud…) :blush:

Walrus, you´re right about not seeing much way around that treeproblem: Me neither.
Crazyness, huh? hehe, that was a good one.

Everyone else: Thank you for the kind and helpful support. Didn´t expect that at all. :slight_smile:


hi torsten. the palette and composition looks good to this point, and i like how you are developing your story further to suit your painting and concept.
i’m looking forward to see a bigger sketch :slight_smile:


Still can´t decide which way to go for the composition but until i know i worked on the group in the foreground, trying to get kinda good rythm in it.
Since i normally wouldn´t draw any lines at all, i consider this as my Line Art. Sort of.
Made in Painter. I had to use a ref for the child left in the pic, because it didn´t work out.


Great image, the first character looks very good.
No critics.


Excellent concept…!! cool work.


Woah Art, this starts to be a great picture. A caravan leaded by a magician. Yes, give us your magic maestro!


has a very nice biblical feel to it, great job =)


Next step: tried to get a nice composition in a tall format.
Man, spend hours on this yesterday… :-/