The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Torsten Wolber


Cool sketch. What’s up with the dude or lady with a coat on the right side? Kinda pulls the focus away from the rest of the picture.


Hey , thanks for the kind response. I must admit that i´m quite surprised to have any attention to this sketch which is still not much to look at.
Very much appreciated.

slickgreekgeo,jpedro,Selina42,Ranath: thanks :slight_smile:

paperclip, you´re right about that lightsource. Plus it would give me a strong diagonal.

DoInferno, there wasn´t much to understand in Version 1. Except that apparently i hadn´t the faintest idea how to put all that into a picture.

ahbeejieh, right, bothered me as well.
Along with only 100 spots in there i´ll have to look after. Unfortunately i have some very tough deadlines until next monday, so i will not be able to upload any new images until then, sorry.
After this i will be back on track. Hopefully :argh:


Hey Torsten, I really like the palette you’re going with. :thumbsup: The composition also looks great, I just don’t envy you having to paint the whole village. :wink:

Matt :slight_smile:


last one really rocks hard. keep up the wicked work.


damn…nice brush strokes, good luck


mmm good focus point in the character with the light i like it:scream:


your the man !
hope to see a masterpiece at the end :slight_smile:


Changed my mind and tried to upend the composition.


Since i still have to work (on the weekend…sucks) i wanted at least upload a little proposal for another attempt. As you all can see i specifically wasn´t satisfied about the size of the characters in the picture which would´ve make it even harder to show their expressions , and there was definitely too much unimportant an unused space in it.
I changed the palette a little bit adding som red and other spots.
And i decided to introduce some kind of leader to the group giving the picture both more focus and much more of a journey. I mean, hey, he´s got a walking-staff, hasn´t he?

So this isn´t this lame furngully anymore it´s…o.k… it´s Battlestar Galactica.
Oh great. Even worse.
Seriously, maybe Moses might come into your mind. If so…it´s fine with me :smiley:

If you guys think it would be worth a try going for this change, the next step would be to check the composition in lineart, and then go for the characters.

Yeshil, hi :wavey: ,quite a surprise, thanks
Bandro,kevinhyshen, slav, you guys helped me a lot.Appreciate it :slight_smile:
mmbenya, you´re right, one of the reasons i wanted something different. Cheap trick phew

Oh, sorry for still working with little thumbnails. Next pics will be bigger…


Beautiful painting… buttery. :smiley:


I truly adore your colour palette! And the lighting too is wonderful Great work!


been really enjoying your color sketches… cant wait to see a more refined image. :slight_smile:


Stunning light and colors. I liked the previous wide version more concerning the composition, but on the other side now You can focus on some main charakters much better. I hope to see many ,many more steps. :slight_smile:


It´s incredible the way you design painting, without drawing. I like your colour sketches very much. I can´t wait to see you detailing an finishing them. Good work.


Hi, Torsten, looking good! I think I prefer the horizontal composition slightly more because the width helped the left->right motion of the piece… plus (especially) I was impressed by the sheer spectacle of so many people making a mass exodus. Of course it’s a ton more work to paint all those people, especially if you’re working on weekends too. (I can empathize: I am too!) Of course, the portrait composition does really emphasize the more personal journey of the main character. Though his staff, placement, size, and colors already set him apart? Wonder how it would look if her were in the head of the horizontal procession, on the right side? Anyhow, just thoughts that don’t really affect anything one way or another, it’s still coming out really well whichever you choose, and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. (And thanks for the very kind words in my thread! :slight_smile: )



I’ll second all the other comments on your colour palette - it’s just awesome the way you make the whole painting glow.


Still playing around and trying to combine the two last images to get the´best of both worlds´.


You know, you guys shouldn´t believe me when i say something about larger images i´m going to upload. :hmm:
I couldn´t sleep and tried to depict what walrus suggested.(Thx buddy) I don´t know if it works though. Hm, at least i know i´m sleepy…soo… anyway, wonder what this will look like in the morning :argh:

Gmax, thank you very much.
Avatarist, whatever “buttery” means, i guess that´s supposed to be st good. Thank you.
China,hopefully not as many as you would like to see gulp
slav, enialadam, thanks for dropping by.


I can already feel the atmosphere. Very nice use of color and composition so far. Don’t have any comments/critics actually, just compliments. :slight_smile: Looking forward to see it develop!


well, i like this latest sketch a lot.
if you’re aiming on a jungle-ish scene, you should stik with those colors and buildup, don’t lose the free space at the right.

well, however… if you’re more thinking of a light wooden sorrounding, you might want to change something.