The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Torsten Wolber


a very great pic one of the best for this contest, great job


Great job man, looks very good!


hi torsten!

congratulations! this image is one of my favorites.

cant find any more word than ‘‘congratulations!’’.


Beautiful lighting, great theme.


Worthy winner in a worthy competition…




iamawizard: Thanks!!!



congrates mate,u were in my winning list and i hope to see u again in the next challenge.:thumbsup:


Well done Torsten! - A well deserved placing! Great use of colour, light and emotion! :thumbsup:


In my opinion this is the best pic of all of them (2D and 3D). I love the brush work. Great job Torsten!


Congrats, Torsten! Well deserved prize imho. This is such a beautiful image.



Gratuliere Dir ganz doll, Torsten. War ja zu erwarten. :slight_smile: :applause:


As I said earlier in your thread, I didn’t want to jinx you but I just knew you’d win! Congrats on your prize, Torsten. Yours is easily my favorite piece in the challenge, and I was very happy (and unsurpised) to see you get an award. Way to go!



Beautiful Work Thorsten - Congrats!


Wow! Congratulations man!! Well deserved prize!!


Congratulations Torsten! Your work is amazing and inspiring and I really feel happy to see it among the winners!


Congrats Tortsen! Hope to see you in the next one as well!:thumbsup:


Beautiful image,Congratullations !!:thumbsup:


Congratulations Torsten! Sure it would make your mom proud (and that she is enjoying your win now too!!)!

It was funny, as a 3D entrant I only visited the 2D threads every month or so and vaguely followed your entry from afar. Then toward the very end you blasted your characters with that marvelous beautiful sunlight and I happened upon your piece and just thought, “Wow!! He really pulled this off!!” Your image just leaped from the screen! Can’t wait to read your WIP tutorial and see more of your work in the future. Cheers! (Best wishes for your continued fond memories of your mom too!)


Congratulations! As u were one of my favorite contestants, I think u really deserved to be among the winners. Best regards to u!


This very imaginations picture,Torsten. Congratulation!!!