The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Torsten Wolber


Sorry I was too busy before, too late to leave you some comments,
The composition is great, I especaily love the colour very much, great texture as well
the figures and the faces,are awesome, gonna lookin forward to your final dude.


Again, I must say amazing! Such control of anatomy and light, you make it look EASY!!
Good luck in the judging! :slight_smile:


artvandeley: no, bug looks nice :slight_smile: I was thinking of that rock/root in upper left corner, it’s not bad idea, but maybe it could be better in it’s shape, just my stupid thoughts. overally it’s a great piece and I’m sure it will take high rank :slight_smile: gotta go back to my piece =), all the best to you.


SO pretty…good luck in the judging! I’m expecting to see this on the winners’ podium!


Dedicated to my mother
Renate von Huebbenet
16.04.1939 - 1.04.2006

Midway upon the journey of our life
I found myself within a forest dark,
For the straightforward pathway had been lost.
Dante - The Divine Comedy

Exodus of the Tree Elves

They knew they would come.
The Prophecy told them about their machines and the wind carried the story about their coming. It was time to leave.
Time to find the place their magician have told them about.
Nobody knew how long their journey will be, nor did anybody know about the direction.
All that was left was the old amulet showing them the way and their desperate hope to find this promised resort, where along with all the other magic peoples they will be save forever.


a winner for me :thumbsup:


wow this came out great!


congrats on finishing! it came out great dude.

This is a finalist for sure! :thumbsup:


Nice work Torsten, good luck


SideAche, Oracle,Tyranx, thanks a lot!

Thanks Victor. I know this sounds lame, but even if i don´t win anything, the main thing for me in this piece was to finish it. For several reasons.

mant-Raz: Oh, i see. Hadn´t the heart to erase it. Well, at least it´s a forest…lots of stuff in your way and so on.

Steven: blush again

Michael, thanks for dropping by. Yes , i know i feel guilty myself not having visited all the great other threads enough. Yours for example.

Paperclip, thanks.

Since the colors are again altered by the CG-Server sigh, here´s an inline-version again along with a small detail clip. I´l be off this weekend, so i won´t response, sry.
All the best for you guys as well, was a pleasure joining this contest with all of you.
Thanks for everything.


Really superb image, torsen! Good luck with the judging, one of my favorites!:thumbsup:


THis is the journey begins


This is the winner!

little part of the huge acclamation from me…



( )


Great work! Good luck!


thanks for the close ups mate.i deeply appreciated the details that u have put into this.vry welldone overall and i wish u the best of luck in the final judging:thumbsup:


i’m speechless as always Torsten. congratulations, great painting. :slight_smile:


congratz on the sweet pic artvandeley, Good job!


niiice… :applause:


Great painting, good luck :thumbsup:


wicked work…
of course ive been following all the way…
the image is fantastic…the topic has been told very well and i feel sad for the little people :frowning:
the painterly style fits the subjuct well too…

best of luck…


This image really tells a story so well. It’s so sad but yet hopeful. Now I want to know what will become of this little kingdom. A very powerful image with some interesting environmental statements without being cheesy. Great work. Good luck.