The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Torsten Wolber


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Latest Update: Final Image: Exodus of the tree elves


That´s cool art, I´m looking forward to your next coming masterpiece! And not less do I expect!


Yeah, agree, it have to be better than your Market Scene you get the MasterAward on Ballistics last Painter-Book for.

But i guess, you you’ll do it. I bet you will be one of the winners in this contest!

may the colors be with you :slight_smile:


Wow! I looks like we got a killer here! Good luck mate!


Basic thumb to check out the palette


Not quite sure what’s happening yet compositionally or thematically, but if what you’re testing is the palette, consider this a very successful test. It’s beautiful! :slight_smile:



Oh great, Dura, so much for being the unknown underdog, free of high expectations like yours sighs And i´m sorry to hear that the Market-pic wasn´t good enough for you :wink:
I will try to do better this time to satisfy even your spoiled taste hawhaw
Although i´m afraid is not what you expected and you will be disappointed.

Thank you, DoInferno. Same to you. Love your mole :slight_smile:

This is the basic thumbail, but i have to admit it´s more to stake the claim of my idea than anything else. I already see it in my mind, so the hardest thing will be to cram it in this little frame somehow. I wanna go for something little different: the idea is that i will show a population of elfs livng in the rainforest for ages, who are driven out of their tree by big sawing maschines, cutting off everything which comes in their way, don´t caring what they destroy.
Ok, not really the heroic, positiv winnerconcept full of adventure, so to speak, but i already finished a Journeypiece for expose 4 (what a coincidence, some ideas fly around) and i´m interested in the contrast of a nice , beautiful setting and the terror of those maschines leading to nothing but horror and pain.
I want to put the emphasis on the emotions of the characters, some are crying, some helping each others, some carrying stuff, some staring back in disbelieve being a refugee from one second to another. All they could do is grab whatever they got their hands on and run for their lives. A journey in an uncertain future begins…

So this is the way i work,when i already imagined the scene. All that i can see of it right now are colors and composition and in order to fix this liquid image i started with a little thumbnail. And i really mean little, because even on my screen it´s about 4 to 6 centimeters. My expierience is that if the colors and composition are right the rest will follow almost automatically , answering most of the questions you have to deal with when getting into details. For me,a good picture is never about details, it´s about the first impression when you look at it.
But of course there will be loads of details flying around in this baby. Yup, i´m going for the biiig picture here. Just hoping that i didn´t bite off more than i can chew…

I will stick with doing thumbs until i get an idea of a good composition. Thx for dropping in.


great to see you taking part on this big contest. someone like you should not hiding at home with his talent.
cant wait to see your progress and thoughts.
the idea sounds very different, but cool…and i like the colours.


So what?.. you doing ferngully?

lol… love the kylie minogue sized thumnail… keep on rockin


Hi W!L, glad to hear that you recovered enough to clown me. :smiley:
Ferngully? You mean this cheesy version they came up with based on MY idea? Those movie people always push it into a happy ending. Phh. Idiots.
So this is gonna be more like “Ferngully: the untold thruth” or maybe “Ferngully: what you never wanted to know”. Hm, something like that.
This is gonna be the reality. I´m talking about Love, Hate, Struggle and…

MFTitus:Thanks and hello. Hey, who´s hiding?
Will definitely mark your thread.


Hopefully not as much of boredom. :wink:

Well, its true, some less hard rock but a bit more of a symphony i hoped for, but this is just me, just my personal favor and my own picture will feed this hunger, hehe. So good to see another approach and i guess i will like it too! And im especially interested how you get those different expressions without looking like a bad B-Movie.

So, this is my first critic, for such an dramatic and tragic scene this thumbnails still looks too cartoony - and perhaps thats not what you wanne go for.
And perhaps the more or less symmetrical composition isnt the right to show the end of this formaly strong nation falling into chaos. Perhaps you try to show this “change” also in the main composition. You remember your overpaint to roadkills dog? Something like that, where you really feel the power; it have to hurt!
In this thumb you can still believe the tree is gonna make it.

Those are my thoughts, perhaps it can help … but anyway, more than in this tree i believe into your skills and im pretty sure you would have make it working even without any guesses or advises.
In the end i will go one step back and just say “wow”, i guess. :wink:


Second thumb: making my mind up about the composition. By an large the colors were already what i was looking for.


No no Duracel, your advice is more than welcome (this goes for everybody too, of course). I decided to go for something completely different on purpose, so am insecure enough about the outcome.
You´re absolutley right about the composition, the first scetch didn´t show at all what i was aiming for. Maybe this one will reveal more of my suggestion.
Right now i really don´t know how to avoid this B-Picture-Problem. I hope that it just doesn´t show up. It should be more like a fairytale land facing reality.
You know, like someone kills MickeyMouse, no, even better: Diddl.


Interesting cocnept, I’ll def keep an eye on this. Good luck!


I really like this! I’d lighten the area right behind the tree though, for value adjustment and also to provide the people with the light source that’s shining on them.

Aside from that…great stuff! I’ll be keeping an eye on this one, so I will.


Looking good so far :slight_smile: What will the shredding machines look like? the Goblin Shredders from Warcraft spring to my mind, would like to see what you will come up with.

This being a sketch, I still have question: if this is a rainforest, where are the trees? I can only see one yet, and that one counts half because its being pulled down :smiley:


hey that looks pretty cool


Definately prefer the latter composition. Its a great concept, and i love your colour palette. I’ll enjoy following this!


I wasn´t able to understand thumb01, but thumb02 is pretty clear. The composition is well constructed and the colors are good. Keep it up!


wow. awesome colors man. i personally think composition wise, this second sketch has more depth and looks more dynamic than your first one. very interesting development, i’ll watch this one all the way i guess.
good luck to you:)