The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Tomasz Maroński


Yippie, a mountain! I looked forward for someone to present something like that. Keep it up!


Wow, this is comming along nicely. Awesome color work!


Hope to finish in time.


very cool organic & abstract feel you have going on here with the mountain. looks almost alive. like the idea, and the contrast in textures. nice.


about brother - I get out, beautiful scenery. It it was wished was only that in so cool tone.
For me You are the winer. :slight_smile:

.Keep good working, and I wait on some hero ( Big Foot, Godzilla maybe can ?? ) … :wink:

Good Luck

:slight_smile: Polacy nie gęsi i inny drób i też potrafią :wink:


Next time - characters.


Next time - characters.


Next time main hero.


brilliant maronski, if there is a better word i would say it, i like your work where i can find art in lot of fields like art in colors, lines, ideas and lot more. this is one of my favourite way of creating and managing hundreds of details where old fine art artists like David, leonardo and others of high realistic detailed art comes to mind.

keep this geat stuff. :thumbsup:


Wow Tomasz, simply stunning work! Your colors are fabulous, and the mountain seems to glow in the distance. I can’t wait to see your next update with the hero.


Nice lighting architectre and color.


its really flying along. love the texturing on the walls.
also the colours are great!


I got problems to put final image as tiff


When the night reaches it’s end and sun blaze far above the village, all excited beholders will gather again to watch in rapture the dark haze unveiling the crest of beautiful mountain which shows it’s remarkable brilliance only by this great day, a blink of an eye during a long year.
The ancient tradition demands to chose one young man for his first initiation

In this Ecstatic moment the chosen one will dare to start the glorious journey towards the Mountain of Moment


Very nice work :thumbsup:


This is a great, fantasty style piece. The lightning effects are mind boggling, you nailed it.


Nice. Didnt see your piece coming. Colors are beautiful. And the “pull the eye in towards the center and force it to move vertically” composition works. I dont know the technical term for that compositiono if there is one :stuck_out_tongue: The image could use a tad more atmosphere though… But I guess the perspective pretty much dictates the depth of this pic. I like it. Congrats on finishing and goodluck.


Hello everybody!

Here is higher resolution image:

Thanks for ealier comments.


Beautiful work, Nice application and color.


Impressive work, I really like it!