The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Tomasz Maroński


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Latest Update: Final Image: Glorious Journey To The Mountain of Moment





When the night reaches it’s end and sun blaze far above the village, all excited beholders will gather again to watch in rapture the dark haze unveiling the crest of beautiful mountain which shows it’s remarkable brilliance only by this great day, a blink of an eye during a long year.
The ancient tradition demands to chose one young man for his first initiation

In this Ecstatic moment the chosen one will dare to start the glorious journey towards the Mountain of Moment




Hi Mate,

Nice to see you here :slight_smile:

I like your last sketch. Especially backgroud colour and softness. Hope you will keep it at the end. Look forward to see your characters :slight_smile:




Great Mountain Man…

Keep Going


I really like your latest image. There isn’t too much to it, but it really makes me think. In my imagination this image is beautiful! I hope you work more on this idea. :smiley:




Hi Tom, nice to see you there, homie :slight_smile: Now i’ts better, very nice mountain.

PS. Inwazja Polaków na trofea w CG??? :slight_smile:


beautiful color and perspective – very rich feel! can’t wait to see more… (the only sugg i’d make isto add a bit more sky above the mountain peak; having the top edge of the image come down just a few mm above the peak somehow compresses the grandeur of the mountain – a bit more sky above would open up the image and add more power to the mountain – who is, after all, the main character in the piece, albeit an inanimate object). nice job going here…


Nice stuff… some characters there too??


yes, but later.

I prefer focus on environment.


I agree with jevinart about expanding the canvas at the top, giving more sky above the mountain.

I always loved the bright pink on the snow, but maybe the blue is a little too colour-saturated. It takes away the focus from the pink. I think it would look better if the blue was less colour-saturated.


You’re right, I,ll be working on that.





My first reply to the contest because I have been tied up with other life events but this deserves a reply…even a short one. This is awesome!

Inspiring to say the least.


Omigod the colors are so pretty!:scream:

Im subscribing to this one…

Here waiting for updates…:thumbsup:


Wow !! It looks already great ( nice colors ! ) ! I’ve just seen your CG Portfolio, i like a lot your work, i think your final image will just … ROCK !!


wow!nice stat!
love the shadow of the mountains!