The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Tomasz Jedruszek


Impressive pic, a great work here:thumbsup:


:bounce: this is too great.i love ur entry.:bounce:


No staaaary - rozwaliles mnie tym rysunkiem po prostu… masakra! Zdecydowne jeden z najlepszych w konkursie… ma jakis oldschoolowy klimat… swietna robota - mam nadzieje ze zobacze cie na podium :wink:


byle tylko wysoko :wink:


no baa, podium bedzie, bedzie :slight_smile:

a wtedy zaśpiewamy wszyscy razem…:smiley:


i am see it again to learn your skills…(it looks so gooooood as my last viewing)
you should be the reward winner!!


:scream:I used to watch this every day, everytime it’s exciting and impressive.
First in my favorite list.


Very nice, work. Goodluck in the judging!


excellent !!

good luck man!


wow, amazing background morano!! good luck! :thumbsup:


Gratuluje wyroznienia choc jak dla mnie praca zasluguje na wiecej ;] Powodzenia nastepnym razem :thumbsup:


I cant believe it this it’s not in the winner list, but, anyway this is the best in 2d!


Zgadzam sie z Omenem, duużo lepsza od niektórych z podium :smiley: Pozdrawiam i gratuluje.


I rather expected this to take one of the winners slots… but at least you got an honorable mention! Great piece - well done! :thumbsup:


One of my personal favorite artworks of the challenge. Congrats for honourable mention.



Well , im not disapoited but feel that it could be better ( i mean my work not judgeing) at the same time. It is like to be runner-up in worl cup final. You happy to play in final , get your silver medal but you know you was so close to grand prix…

Anyways thanx for all your posts, advices and crits. Hope to see you again in another challenge with maybe better luck this time.

BTW : If I were one of the jury my winner list would be like this (2D only coz im not feel so strong to judge anybody in 3D category)

1.Clint Cearley ( which 17.V.2006 scetch was AWSOME! then he add too much ,but still it is the best “jusrney begins” I think)
2.Przemek Kotynski (OUTSTANDING!!)
3.hmm…Steven Stahlberg’s is great too i love that Malczewsky’s feeling

Thanx again and see you soon


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