The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Tomasz Jedruszek


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Latest Update: Final Image: The fall of the Vess Khala


Hey Tomasz, hope you have time to finish…good luck!


Hello everyone in my WIP to “The Journey Begins” CGT Challenge.I will try to tell You something interesting/usefull here about my ideas ,concept , techniques etc etc , but first i’d like to apologyse for my english-it’s not perfect You know :smiley: Lets hope my art will keep most of your attention instead my grammar mistakes , ok lets begin.

First - concept scetches. This scene is in my mind for over 4 years, it’s one of the most dramatical moments in Neida and Vakkun 's lifes. Sounds familiar? O yes ,this is another fragment of project “venhelis” of mine , I’m working on it whenever i have some time, and CGT cahllenge is just perfect oportunity to share my ideas with bigger oudience(I hope to publish it someday so I 'd like to know if You like it or not) . So ,sorry for being monothematic :slight_smile:

to the image: Neida ,younger sister was sentence to exile to the worst place on…planet XX (it is not important right now) . Before the trial ,she was on very top of her careere, right hand of the Emperor himself, but acctually far more powerfull then him. I can’t tell You right now what was the trial all about…(maybe I will explain in in later milestones) let say it was too dangerous for Empire to held her on such powerfull possition. More important is that she kept all her honours as a member of Nobles. Vakkun her older sister is a Sister of the Green Water (ancient, holly clan-something like Templars). the Court and emperor alowed her to see Neida for the last time ,before she will be sent to “gulag”.

So here we are: Neida in chains ,defeted , but with anger on her face.Vakkun kneeled before her saying last “goodbye” and the Imperial Guards keeping company to “vess khala” on her last way.In background , huge docks,air port ,massive traffic, many transporters ,escorts,and other types of aircrafts, thousands of prisoners in chains walking to transport vehicles under strong escort. But not to this -big ,black steeled “bird” warming up its engines- this one is just for fallen White Death.


too busy with my regular (?) freelance jobs.But finally I have menaged some free time to finish pre-production stage of this challange (concept, references,scetches etc) .Painting was always “easy part” at my work ,so since I finally know how exactly should it looks like lets hope things will go much more faster now…


ha, good luck getting this finished, seems pretty epic =) i wish u the best of luck!


Nice sketches! Good luck with it!:thumbsup:


Quick color scetch.I think I get quite near effect I expected in the beginning. However, still main character -Neida is not in the “spot light” . The stairs are too bright ,they should be covered more by shadow from ambient back-light(as they are on lineart). then if i put some spotlight on first plan ( behind kneeling Vikka) I think I can focus more attention on both sisters…Anyways it is easier to be done ,than to describe how to do this (especially in english ;)) so lets waste no more time on talking and get back to work,shall we?


this might become very good. I like the composition and colors so far. when you make the lighting more dramatic (what you’ll do anyway) this will become great.

good luck :slight_smile:


Nice conception, iam waiting with nopatience for more details!



that’s awesome! totally dig your idea!


Tomasz - this is John on EOTE. Your e-mail provider is broken again, my messages to you are bouncing back to me. Can you get an alternate e-mail at Yahoo or Hotmail and let me know how it’s going on our project? Thanks.


I hope you get to finish this. The composition is certainly one of the strongest here. Although it looks like the guy is begging her to stay rather than saying goodbye.


Wow, great concept and sketches. This image looks really promishing, you must hurry!


Great composition and design, i really like the guards like they are rightnow, great texture.


Sorry to all for my e-mail account malfunction latelly -it is been moved to another server so I hope it will resolve that “bouncing” problem for future…im talking about not my "other " adress - it will take a while before it will be moved to another server as well

as for “begging guy”- :smiley: guy is a she and she suppose to be saying “good bye” acctually - but i understand this scetch is very rough so it is very easy for make mistake. This will be more clear in my next milestone i promise.Anyways thx for all crits they are always most welcome in my work.

But form the other side it is not that bad she is begging her for staying insted saying "good bye " , remeber as i describe in my first post- neida has been judged and sentence for exile but she is still very proud and maybe even angry- I guess she doesn’t realize how serious this situation is -she migh never see her sister again and still she wont even look at her …hmm ,anyways “the journey begins” still suits to this picture. But i will try to fix her expresion so You can see young ,pround teenager , who is too angry to accept last good bye form only one person who loves her . but at the same time ,i’d like to show tears comming in her eyes -at the very last moment before she walk on the board -after all she’s still just a child.

remeber that scene in “deer hunter” when Robert DeNiro found Christopen Walken in Saigoon playing russian roulete? THAT sort of expressions I 'd like to achieve in this artwork.

there is more story behind this scene, i know my job is to tell that story with the picture ,but in case i fail that i would like to say only few more words about those two sisters:
They were two best friends -normal family -but then comes war -they were splited.Younger neida due her exellet worrior skills went directly to the capital city of the Empire where she was most likely Emperor’s “pet” been placed on the arena fighting with monsters etcfor Emperor’s guest entertainmaent . then Emperor has fallen in love with her. But he saw her only as an alie ,strong and powerfull weapon on his side ,and mother of their PERFECT human being-child. To make her completly subordinte they gives her drugs , many of them ,for long time. after few years she was a killing machine not even remeber her true name.
Vakkun -older sister -surrvive the war in prisoners camp. She never give up to find Neida and take along with her a revenge on the evil Empire.But once she found her at last ,she realize that Neida is not her little sister anymore.After many many attempts to rescue her ,she finally get a permission from the Emperor to see Neida -but it is too late…she is already sentenced to exile ,and she probably not even survive the way to farest provice of the Empire on south. is it really too late? If she just recognize Vakkun’s eyes ,maybe there is still a chance to be herself?

next milestone coloringWIP tomorrow



Hello again. As You can see there is lot of changes in this one. First I made it little darker, and plan to make it even more dark and hazy. Just like the storm is about to come , thinking also about adding some snow maybe? I’d like this envirorment as much unfriendly as possible.
Second change is another possition of sisters, i moved them little to right bottom corner ,to emphase perspective.
Im thinking also about to remove wings of the closest ship -they cover too much background…but we will see about that yet. As for background- well ,I always take backgrounds as a secondary target at my work. But this time I toked it as a first task ,so it is almost finished (I will add just a few details in final i think) . Now I don’t need to worry about it anymore so I can spend rest of my time on the main subject -characters.
there is still lot to do with them so I 'd better get back to work . See You next time.


damn, this is nice. Awesome so far, no crits. Gotta wait abit before i can suggest some changes.



almost there…


awesome , kickass, dat sorta stuff, u know :bounce:

maybe bring out the foreground plant life more? raise it a bit higher on the right also?

and add some more color to the buildings behind the guards, some markings on the ship?

and make that shiny thingy up left blend in better with the sheet that cuts it in half?

just suggestions, great pic dude, i love that ship desig (the sixwing)



Beautiful work! Nice perspective and composition.