The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Theresa Ryan


Yeah, I think that is mostly the reason I enter them, and plus the prize, It might be another miss for me though, My entry in my opinion is not strong enough.:sad:


I did…but do you not like this version?

Hi Theresa,
I like your image and how it has evolved very much. It is very dramatic and creative. I thought mainly you were unhappy because of the sad face you posted.:slight_smile:


Samanthie, I was chastising myself for not being able to sleep without thinking of how I could improve it…

Thanks for your nice crits though!

Beelow: Me too. :smiley:


Very dramatic piece. I feel sarrow for the people in this picture. But I just wanted to drop by real quick and say congrats on finishing this picture. You have a gift man, keep going.



congratulations theresa!

im glad you didnt give up and finished your work.


corey: I’m glad you like it. Thanks!

individium: Me too. :smiley:


Hi Theresa, just though I’d drop by and say thanks for all your help on my thread during the challenge.

Well done on your piece, it really turned out well. I hope you do well in the judging. Great to see you finish it.

It was nice to have a Paddy on the Journey with me. Hope to see you in the next one or else around Dublin some time.



Hey Theresa,

when I asked ‘will there be a selection of best pics’ I meant: is there going to be a WINNER?:slight_smile: Is it a competition, this challenge? Can you for example ‘come in 34th?’ Hehe, I guess not…

I’m just lousy with webbrowsing so a lot of times I scratch the surface of a site (like the forum) and I don’t really understand all of it. I then have to ask other people and be disciplined for my clumsiness:). So that’s what I was doing:).

I would love to try the next challenge. Watching you was so much fun! I think your last minute changes are good, btw. They make the image even clearer.

I’m gonna join next time and I hope then we can help eachother! (if you considered me a help, that is:))



There’s usually a bunch of winners, see this page for the winners of the Spectacular challenge. Don’t worry, we were all in the same boat at first. I still feel like that when I go over to or sijun. It takes a few months! of posting and hanging out before you feel comfortable joining in with things- the challenges are a great way of making friends and establishing yourself in the forum community. I hope you join in the next- we can help each other, just like you said! :smiley:



Congrats Theresa for winning the community award!! :applause:


Thanks. :smiley: It was a real shock, I must say. I had a lot of fun hanging out here and to be rewarded for it seems almost too good to be true.

I wonder when I’ll get the prize? :love: It’s so exciting!


If CGTalk ever needs a talk show host it’s you! Congratulations on your win and thanks for being there for the people, lending advice and support!

I’m so jealous you got the latest XSI. I’m still at 4.2.


Congrats on winning the Community Award, Theresa - you absolutely deserve it.:thumbsup:


Yay, Theresa! Congratulations! You totally deserve this award - big hugs all around!
Thanks so much for your constant input and feedback during the challenge! (And if you feel like giving more, I’ve started updating my Brain-bots thread again :wink: )


that damned moustache man


Congrats Theresa!


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