The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Theresa Ryan


Here’s the final image- as I was working on it, I didn’t have a specific story in mind, I really just wanted to express an idea, one of people being forced from their land by misfortune and poverty. This shows the mixed feelings you may get from having to leave your land, to a ‘promised land’, but not sure if you’ll get there, die on the way or if the promised land is all that it’s made out to be…

A big thank you goes to everyone who helped me with this, particularly walrus, stahlberg and jeromoo. Every crit that I’ve recieved has been considered and tried out and I feel like I’ve learned a lot through this. Thanks guys. :love:


Job well done! Congratulations! :thumbsup::applause:

So, how does it feel to finish your work?
Bet it feels good :slight_smile:


Woooo, I love that last minute levels change. I like how the sky feels now. Congratulations on finishing! And thank you for the little mention, I’m happy to have helped in any way. So hey, now you get to relax! (and twiddle your thumbs for a month or two… :slight_smile: )



Well done Clippy , Great image and i love the feeling of it very much :smiley:


Well done Theresa. It’s a lovely piece, it’s great to see it finished. I knew it would be good. :applause: :bounce: :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Best of luck



It feels, it feels goooood!

At least it would be if I wasn’t having trouble uploading the dayum TIFF file. I got SmartFTP and it LOOKS like it’s been submitted, but the CGNetworks says it hasn’t. What’s a clippy to do?


Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!This calls for CELEBRATIONS:)!

It’s looking absolutely lovely. The backstory I was touched by in the first sketch is all there now in the finished painting. It looks so…clear!

Congratulations on so much dedication and improvement. I’m really happy for you. Where can I see all the finished images? And will there be a selection of ‘best pics’?

BTW, you’ve inspired me to join in next time!


A selection of ‘best pics’? I’m not sure what you mean there?

I’m glad you’re joining in next time, I’ll be sure and camp in your frontyard for it!


I downloaded this FTP client:
Ace FTP3 Freeware. It’s the easiest version I’ve ever seen- you just drag it over and it immediately uploads. Just so you know.

I made quite a few little changes since I uploaded the final image- now there’s less contrast in the background, especially in the trees. It now looks more like this:

Remember–AceFTP3 freeware :thumbsup:


if i can suggest something. flatten all layers make a new document and cut the image into a new file. then save it try .tif makre sure you dont carry over the color profile. i hope that’s whats going on. i had a simmilar issue with PS when i was starting out using it. back in the machine flesh i drew my image and then the final turned out to be way too dark.


u did it at last:D
congrates on finishing theresa:)the very best of luck
go get some rest now:scream:


every time I see your picture I sing to my self the lyrics from Sailing/Rod Stewart…

I am sailing, I am sailing,
home again 'cross the sea.
I am sailing, stormy waters,
to be near you, to be free.
etc… :slight_smile:

I really like all your turns and changes you been doing on this… and in the end you have a really good and interesting picture… a job well done Theresa :applause:


Congrats on finishing Theresa. Your hard work will pay off in the long run. Now, get back to work! heh, just kidding. but don’t break too long, like I do sometimes -it’s not helpful.


Congrats, Theresa! I hope that you got a lot of info from the forumers including myself, Of course I am no Stahlberg, but I hope that you have helped a lot. Thanx for the support and help in my thread! Good luck in the voting!:thumbsup:

Oh I, forget! See you in the next tourney peace!:smiley:


Slav- I’m done now, I just couldn’t stand looking at it anymore, heh. It didn’t even turn out all that good! :sad: But nevermind, there’s another challenge just around the corner :smiley:

Michael: cheers. :beers: I’m glad you submitted yours, I expect to see more of it when the judgin time comes around!

Makaron: Hey, neat song and it does describe the feeling I was going for, good choice!

Beaux: I never stop, I’m now copying a Zorn for the OFDW:

Bryce: See you in the next challenge too! I make new friends every time I enter one- aren’t they great community places?


every time I see your picture I sing to my self the lyrics from Sailing/Rod Stewart…

I am sailing, I am sailing,

Ha, that’s funny I think of music too, first the song I mentioned earlier, Bon Voyage by Sparks, but also Peter Gabriel’s wonderful Here comes the Flood

Good job sticking to your guns on this one!! I know how frustrating it can be sometimes. But it really isn’t so bad as you seem to think… :smiley: :smiley: And you picked a VERY difficult subject! Now it’s time for BEER!


You said it, steven! Too bad there isn’t a CGChallenge ‘Green Room’ where all the finishing entrants can go once they’re done and loaf around with beer (or nonalcoholic beverages of their choice) and discuss each others’ performances! I could see that becoming very popular!

EDIT: Voice your opinions for a ‘green room’ here:


I just couldn’t leave well alone, could I? :sad:


Hi Theresa, I can see some subtle changes. If you are not happy can you go back? I mean did you save the previous image?


I did…but do you not like this version?