The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Theresa Ryan


this one looks great so far, my only crit is this. STEP ON THE GAS! :wip: :wip:


I’ve been working on it today…it looks rather different now. I think I’ll be finished in a few hours!

Hang around for the finale. :stuck_out_tongue:

Britta: Danke schon fur die oberpaint. Ich werde manchmal in meinem Bild benutzen. Danke wieder!


What do you think? Am I done?


I think it could use a bit more work :slight_smile:
Especially the three figures standing on the right with their backs towards the viewer.
They’re a bit too dark and maybe need some definition. Maybe you could give one of them a lighter cloak/hood and a bit more detail in the hair.
It gets a bit blurry towards the building, define the shape a bit more towards the top of the stairs. The people are blurry too, but I think that’s kinda cool. Like real people turning into ghosts the further they go up the stairs.


What Art2 says should finish it off nicely.

Well done Theresa, it’s great to see you’re journey is nearly finished.



Haha, yeah, I guess I got a little too excited a little too early? I’ll take your suggestions Marlon… hrph, more work to do (I kinda knew I did, but I wanted to finish, dammit!)




Haha, just realised that the last update was post no. 666. :argh:

Does this mean I’ll get blasted down with damnation?


Great update Theresa!

What’s that round thing in the foreground next to the 3rd girl btw?


It’s the backpack of the man in front of her. Is it too vague?

Finalizing crits much welcomed…!!


I’m talking about that yellowish round thing. Is it also a backpack?


Well, sort of. It was meant to be a thing they were carrying….

So…no crits? I’ll define their clothes a little more, maybe make the mysterious thing a little less mysterious and I think I may be done.


yay details, nice pic, looks like them old paintings



Very nice Theresa… the only thing that bothers me is the highlight on Catleen’s forhead (the girl 3rd from left). It’s very bright compared to the others and I think your light sources is behind her.

I know you don’t want to hear that but it’s only a little thing.

Well done anyway, Theresa, it’s a lovely piece.



Demystified a few objects and tidied up some loose ends. I think I might be done now!

EDIT: I varied the colours of the clothing a bit. Hooray for photoshop!


I’d say your done! What resolution does the 2d image have to be? Btw I finally added clouds to my scene.


It has turned out beautifully Theresa and what a journey!:thumbsup: It looks finished to me too but that is your decision.:slight_smile: Best of luck to you!


Heya Theresa! Now that you are nearly finished, you can experiment with the brightness and contrast, hue and saturation! give it a try! Especially the brightness and contrast part! See what you can come up with. Remember to make a duplicate of the file for you to experiment with, and not on your original!

Finally you are almost done!


The drama is absolute! It’s weird what a difference bumping up the contrast makes. I don’t want to OD on the contrast, so I’ll tweak it a lot more.

EDIT: Some of the colors (specially on the people in the front!) are far too contrasty- i’ll bump it down.


Best of luck till the end.